The nation’s Christian mullahs are unhappy with the results of the 2020 election. They cannot change those vote counts so they have gone into denial.

Family Policy Alliance

Family Policy Alliance, a Focus on the Family affiliate, offers tepid congratulations to Biden/Harris conditioned on the outcome of litigation. They seemingly have no clue just how frivolous the litigation is and has been.

Then there is this:

It is no secret that this is not the election outcome we at Family Policy Alliance – and many Christians across the country – had hoped for. Our soon-to-be President and especially Vice President-elect Harris have made it clear that they do not value the lives of babies in the womb. They support a radical LGBT ideology that includes helping children undergo major surgeries and hormone suppressants in order to “identify” as the opposite sex. And they do not believe in the same role for parental choice and religious freedom at school that we hold as a standard.

I will pass on the abortion nonsense to focus on “radical LGBT ideology.” Experience dictates that the intended meaning of that gibberish is that there are no gay or transgender persons. Rather, LGBTQ people are adherents to an ideology.

These folks have no talent for introspection and prefer to look like the zealous fools that they are. Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity are philosophies or doctrines. Sane, rational people already know that along with the vast majority of American citizens.

What they find “radical” is the concept of equal protection and due process. They are so invested in enabling discrimination that they find ridiculous rationales which they believe support their bigotry and superstitions.

They also insist that treating gender dysphoria with the only effective means known to science is “radical.” I should program a hot key: They want to prevent people from becoming transgender in order to avoid a conflict with scripture (Genesis 1:27). Kids can suffer. The mullahs do not care as long as they can defend those ancient chronicles.

The above-quoted text shows a willingness to indulge in bullshit hyperbole. Children are not candidates for surgery. They may receive puberty blockers in their early teens (on average) and those are fully reversible. These interventions do not allow children to “‘identify’ as the opposite sex” and I have no ideas why the word identify is in quotes.

FPA has many pronouncements about trans people. You would think that they might study the matter a bit more to avoid looking like loony religious fanatics. Rather than identifying as the opposite sex, these measure allow children to present as their gender. I suppose they cannot admit that gender, as a separate construct, even exists.

They go on to admit that they want to impose their radical ideology on public policy because their deity told them so:

The good news is that our role hasn’t changed. We are called to speak Truth and shine the light of Christ in the darkness. The more that our country’s laws do not reflect godly values, the brighter we must shine.


remember that God has placed us in our country at this time for a reason.

They go on to describe the many evils of the Biden agenda most of which are factually inaccurate in many respects. Some are bigoted such as their take on Biden’s support for the Equality Act (which is probably only viable if Democrats take control of the Senate):

This Congressional Act would redefine “sex” for purposes of federal nondiscrimination law, making it not based on biology but on gender identity. …

It does no such thing. It “redefines” nothing. It means that gender identity and sexual orientation become protected classes with protection from discrimination. No one has a religious duty to discriminate and I am sick of my country coddling those who say otherwise.

And, by the way, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 identifies religion as a protected class. That is not based on biology but on someone’s professed ideology which is a choice that is fluid and can be changed with counseling. There is no evidence to support the dogma.

American Family Association

Don Wildmon’s idiot son, Tim Wildmon, sent out an email titled: My statement on the results of the election. Apparently he believes that his opinion is important.

We are now in a situation where one team is standing on the podium with the trophy while the referees are still reviewing the final play that could decide the outcome of the game.

Nonsense. Unless someone can come up with some evidence there is nothing to “referee.”

A week has passed and no one has offered any evidence
to substantiate any claims that there were any irregularities. There will be a recount in Georgia but the proforma electoral votes for Biden/Harris do not include Georgia where Biden/Harris are likely to prevail anyway.

Despite multiple media outlets declaring former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election, it is important to remember that the Constitution clearly defines that electors from each state choose the president once each state has certified its respective results. None of that has occurred. Furthermore, there is ongoing litigation in multiple states concerning the results of the election.

It’s about arithmetic Timmy. Trump does not have a path to 270 electoral votes. There is one recount that we know of that is over Georgia’s 16 electoral votes that are not included in any of the calculations.

As for litigation, people are entitled to sue but none of the legal challenges have been successful because there is no evidence to support them. The lawyers at Jones Day and Porter Wright who are mounting these challenges are becoming very uncomfortable with what amounts to frivolous litigation.

Trump has deluded himself into believing that the Supreme Court will rescue him because he appointed three justices. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett know that they are going to be around long after Trump leaves office. Chief Justice Roberts is very unlikely to want to replicate Bush v. Gore.

I will remind people that in Florida less than 1,000 votes separated the two candidates in 2000.

We believe that the judicial system should rule on these lawsuits and ensure every legal vote is counted before a winner is declared. Only then will Americans have faith that our election has taken place with integrity and fairness.

Every vote will be counted before results are certified in December. Timmy is suggesting that there are illegal votes. Voter fraud is very rare because five years in the clink is an effective deterrent against an action that has almost no impact.

Or does Timmy think that there has been some conspiracy to deny Trump reelection? His audience might believe that. Many of them probably believed in a pedophile ring operating out of the basement of a DC pizza parlor, … with no basement. How many are stupid enough to believe in QAnon?

The problem with real conspiracies is that they are nearly impossible to conceal. In the case of election fraud it would require too many participants to have any success at secrecy. Five years in the hoosegow is an effective preventative measure.

Liberty Counsel

I have an email from Mad Mat Staver. He is celebrating the fact that Justice Alito ordered a few late-arriving ballots in Pennsylvania to be segregated. However, PA’s secretary of state already did that and those votes are not included in reported tallies.


The prevailing atmosphere is one of gloom. The sanctimonious fools prefer a multi-divorced grifter who is a sociopath and pathological liar over Joe Biden who is a very kind and decent man. Biden is truly the greater Christian (if that means anything any more).

What makes Biden a perceived threat is his ability to segregate personal religious beliefs from his public policy agenda. Biden, for example, opposes abortion but realizes that it is not his place to make that decision for the nation’s women.

I have no idea what Biden’s personal beliefs are regarding LGBTQ people. It is irrelevant because I know to a certainty that Joe Biden is committed to the doctrine of fairness.

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