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Stephen Kokx (possibly pronounced cocks) attempts to explain: The real reason mainstream media is falsely pushing narrative that Biden is ‘President elect.’ Early on, the conspiracy theorist asserts:

Media rushing the transition of ‘President’ Biden is phase II of a massive coup attempt

The above is rather idiotic. No one believes that media choose our president. What the networks do is to crunch the numbers and make a call of who the winner is. Those calls have no legal authority. They are not binding on anyone.

The right seems intent on making people believe that people believe that the media make a legal decision. Perhaps Mr. Kokx is wed to that theory himself.

Kokx, by the way, works for LifeSiteNews. He previously worked at the Archdiocese of Chicago. But I digress.

Given that the media cannot make an authoritative proclamation of a winner, there can be no “coup attempt.” Last time I checked, David Korn and Rachel Maddow were unarmed as well.

According to the New York Post, Joe Biden is now considering legal action to force the formal “transition” of power to him from the Trump administration.

That’s how it generally works. Pre-transition begins prior to the election and is funded by the General Services Administration. In 2016 the Trump and Clinton campaigns worked together to come up to speed. Mr. Trump began his transition prior to election day (Nov. 6 in the below example).

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The capture above is the November 10 page from which demonstrates GSA assistance.

On MSNBC, former Obama official Ben Rhodes said that Biden is already “having phone calls” with foreign leaders.

This is treason. They have no right to do this. Nothing has been certified. They are actively undermining our country’s sitting president.

Mr. Kokx is incapable of appreciating the fact that foreign leaders usually call the president-elect to express their congratulations. I posted a readout of some of these calls. There is no evidence of interference with the current administration.

Trump called roughly a dozen foreign heads of government the day after his election victory, including leaders in Ireland, Turkey, India, Japan and Mexico.

The only difference between then and now is that Sec. Clinton realized that a concession was the best thing for the country in spite of the obvious issue of Russian interference. Now, Trump is having an infantile tantrum. He cannot accept the fact that he is on the receiving end of “you’re fired.” He is making baseless claims of voter fraud with no evidence.

Kokx offers this tweet as evidence of something:

Nice to know that there is no such thing as the Office of the President-Elect:

Biden is supposed to be getting the Presidential Daily Brief and the transition staff is supposed to have access to government departments. Moreover, the transition office is supposed to be funded by the government.

None of that is happening. Not receiving the PDB could compromise national security with a developing situation. (It will be nice to have a president more interested in reading the PDB than his Twitter feed.)

Meanwhile, Fox News cut away from Monday evening’s press conference with White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany and RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel.

The two were talking about the massive number of voting irregularities and fraud that’s been reported across the country.

Until someone offers some evidence, there was no voter fraud other than isolated instances which will not alter the outcome in any state.

McEnany herself said, “It’s the job of the media to ask the question: why? All we are asking for is truth, transparency, and sunlight here. That’s all we are asking for. And sadly, we are asking the questions many of you should.”

But the press doesn’t want to do that. Their job in this stage of the coup is to push as quickly as possible the “transition” from the Trump administration to the Biden administration.

The media continue to ask the important question: “What proof do you have of widespread voter fraud?” The answer should be “none” because there is none.

You just knew that there would be an anti-LGBTQ rant:

To their eternal shame, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is also going along with this hoax. They sent a letter this past weekend congratulating Joe Biden on becoming the second “Catholic president” in American history.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten, but Joe Biden has officiated several gay “marriages.” He’s also pledged to drag the Little Sisters of the Poor back to court and is fully in favor of the LGBT “Equality Act,” a bill that would threaten the religious liberty of Catholic schools across the country.

The fact that Stephen Kokx does not like the outcome does not mean it is a “hoax.”. Like the Orange Creature Kokx does not want to accept the results.

The conspiracy is quite vast:

What we’re seeing from the corporate media is a complete mirage, an illusion, a phony, well-crafted movie, and everyone in the establishment media — even the so-called “conservative” media — is in on it.

They all have the secret decoder ring. What they don’t seem have is a motive.

They wasted no time declaring Biden the winner of this election, even using the term “President-Elect” when in fact it’s not until after the Electoral College casts its votes that that term comes into effect.

There is a screenshot, above, from demonstrating that Trump called himself President-Elect as early as November 10, 2016. Pence, as you can see, was Vice President-Elect.

A motive that is not a motive:

They want those of us on the political right to simply give up while making sure the left is so thoroughly convinced that Biden won, that, should things end up going in Trump’s direction later on, they’ll be so furious that they’ll go out and riot with Antifa and Black Lives Matter and burn the country down.

There is no benefit to having people give up on their narrative. Doing so has no effect on Trump or various state chapters of the Republican Party. Simply stated, Donald Trump has no path to 270 electoral votes. To demonstrate that a path exists requires evidence and there is none. A fact that been conceded in various courts.

If Trump pulls this out and ends up with enough legal votes to secure him another four years in office, he’ll go down as one of the greatest presidents in US history. He’ll have saved the nation from a coup attempt so deep and so massive, it’ll be one of the most decisive victories ever won by a president in defense of the American people against a hostile force.

Nonsense. There is no coup attempt and the only hostility that exists is being fueled by Trump’s baseless assertions. A coup d’etat would occur if Trump refuses to leave office. I have some faith that the military would prevent that from happening.

The idea that Trump is defending the American people is ridiculous. The only thing that Trump cares about is Trump. We have a record number of new Covid-19 cases and a rising death toll. Trump is devoting all of his time and energy to tweeting.

Worse yet, at our expense someone is finding tweets that Trump likes. Trump is re-tweeting his own bullshit. A gullible portion of our society believe every stupid utterance from Trump, no matter how improbable. The present schmuck has wasted time an energy regurgitating Trump’s drivel.

By now even the ardent supports must realize that Trump is a pathological liar
. Yet they work to manufacture their own truth from Trump’s lies.

My board chair was as pious as Austin Ruse and considered becoming a nun. She also had the mouth of a truck driver on the New Jersey Turnpike. She would remind me from time to time: “Being a tyrant is not a fucking virtue.” I am glad that she did. There were times that I needed the reminder. Trump never got that message from anyone who cared about him.

I love criticism. Trump cannot tolerate anyone who tells him the truth. Real friends and associates are honest about the shortcomings of others. It shows respect. Not disrespect.

Time for God to weigh in.

If he doesn’t win, and the forces of evil are successful in their stealing and lying, my guess is God will hold them to account for their sins in the very near future. Nations do their penance here on earth, not in purgatory. Prepare accordingly.

With no evidence of anything Stephen Kokx is idiotically claiming that there are evil people who are stealing and lying. Combined with the lack of curiosity and critical thinking there is reason to believe that our K-12 schools are doing things wrong.

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