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AFA’s crackpot nurse, Twila Brase

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American Family Association is a political group. It is also an anti-LGBTQ hate group. According to a blog post Tuesday at their website: Mask mandates called ‘theatre’ for a scared public.

In early October American Family Association was promoting the views of a crackpot nurse (Twila Brase) that wearing masks causes COVID-19. Tuesday they are at it again.

This all started in January or February of 2020. Donald Trump has always claimed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average represents a) the state of the economy and; b) his approval rating (he is wrong on both counts). Trump tried to downplay the coronavirus’ severity so as not to affect the equity markets.

As part of his denial of reality Trump disapproved of people wearing face masks. People who did not wear masks despite expert advice to the contrary were thought to be demonstrating support for Trump. Those who wore masks were thought to be demonstrating their dislike of Trump.

That is how a a common sense health safety measure became a political issue. The use of hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 treatment and preventative would soon follow. I cannot tell if Twila Brase is political or just trying to attract attention by noisily disagreeing with infectious disease experts. Either way she is behaving idiotically.

AFA’s propagandist, Chris Woodward begins Tuesday’s post:

Costco, the wholesaler retailer, has updated its mask policy to deny entry to customers even with medical conditions, which a critic of mask mandates calls a useless attempt at reassuring the public.

The above seems to be missing some words. One thing I am certain of is that mask mandates are not about “reassuring the public.” Costco is probably trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among customers in accordance with a letter that the company distributed.

Twila Brase of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, who is a registered nurse, vocally opposes face mask rules, which she calls “safety theater” for the frightened public.

“And by that,” she explains, “I mean this is all about having a certain look of safety as compared to a reality of safety. For one thing, the masks do not prevent the virus from getting in contact with someone. It doesn’t protect others. It doesn’t protect them.”

Woodward does make an attempt to write about experts and Chris Christie urging people to wear masks. But then:

Critics, however, point out the highly contagious virus is not the death sentence it was predicted to be, and there is also pushback on the claims that wearing a face mask, of any kind, is preventing customers from spreading it in a store aisle or at the checkout counter.

We have no way of measuring predictions vs. outcome regarding mortality. What I do know is that a quarter-million Americans have died from the virus; many because Trump mismanaged the pandemic response. The body count is likely to rise considerably given the spike in new cases.

I do not know where the alleged “pushback” is coming from. What I can say without pause is based on common sense. Wearing a mask is more likely to be beneficial than not wearing a mask. While it cannot stop all propellants, a mask certainly impedes their progress because the fibers restrict the movement of particles.

I often wonder how much better off we would be today if everyone wore masks and socially distanced themselves from others. Effecting that requires leadership and Trump is no leader.

We have:

  • 21% of the world’s cases of COVID-19
  • 19% of the world’s deaths from the virus.
  • 4.25% of the world’s population.

Nice work Donald and all of your mindless enablers.

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