Tony Perkins

Yup, it’s Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Perkins’ title — The Left Targets Kids, Teens With Gender Fluid Ideology — is nonsense per se:

No one is “targeting” kids. I take that back. Tony Perkins is targeting kids whose sexuality he does not approve of. Perkins is targeting the parents of those kids, essentially calling them incompetent moms and dads.

Gender dysphoria and its mitigation through transition are not some arcane “ideology.” The hate group leader is projecting. Illogical Christian literalism and Christian supremacy are ideologies.

We begin our journey into a strange world of religious conformity:

It’s no wonder our children are confused about their gender, since even the dictionary can’t define it! In an announcement that will make people’s heads swim, Oxford University Press agreed to change the meaning …

Children are not “confused about their gender” unless, of course, they listen to Perkins. Dictionary definitions are irrelevant. Perkins is attacking trans kids by attacking a dictionary as overly politically correct. The two things are unrelated to each other. Tony Perkins is profoundly confused.

Be afraid:

The left’s high-speed gender train aren’t just coming for your bookshelf, but your sons and daughters too. This week, Apple TV is debuting a new docuseries meant to persuade parents that all children are gender fluid.

Gender incongruence does not have a political bent. It affects the Left and Right in equal proportions just like every other medical condition. Perkins points to a post (also at Heritage Foundation’s blog) which attempts (and fails) to discredit research that they do not like.

The 2019 research appears in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Trans kids are the study subjects because they have the unique experience of having lived as two different genders; before and after transition.

The overall conclusions of the study are that trans and cisgender kids have similar gender development and that children understand their gender at a very early age. It has nothing to do with gender fluidity..

This is where I should repeat, ad nauseum the fact that Perkins is not interested in the wellbeing of children. Rather, Perkins is defending scripture which he believes is the literal and inerrant word of his god. Perkins is entitled to his beliefs, no matter how illogical they are.

The Advocate had a hand in Perkins’ promotion of BS by focusing on gender fluidity which is a questionable concept because most children maintain the gender identity that they experience at an early age. 

The actual promo of Apple TV’s Becoming You confirms that gender is not the focus of the documentary:

Olivia Colman narrates “Becoming You,” a global series about child development that explores how the first 2,000 days on Earth shape the rest of our lives. Told through the eyes of over 100 children across the world, from Nepal to Japan and Borneo, each episode offers a thought-provoking look at how children learn to think, speak and move, from birth to age 5. It underscores how different our journeys can be, but ultimately tells the story of our shared humanity and community when it comes to raising children …

Did I mention that Perkins is a crackpot?

In a country where 12% of millennials now say they identify as transgender or “non-gender conforming”—more than one in every 10—the last thing our children need is a generation of parents indulging these dangerous fantasies. And yet, that’s exactly the goal of Apple TV and their extremist cheerleaders.

In January, 2019, a CDC report based on 192,000 high school students indicated that 1.8% considered themselves transgender in 2017. However, the CDC used transgender as an umbrella term. The question that was asked was whether or not the subjects had feelings of gender incongruence.

Perkins cites a 2017 story at Huffington Post suggesting that 12% of millenials identify as transgender which was based on a 2016 GLAAD survey reported in 2017. A survey is not scientific research.

I have not reviewed the methodology because the population of gender-diverse people is irrelevant to how acute gender dysphoria should be treated. What Perkins is attempting to do is to claim that a high number of gender-diverse people indicates confusion. That does not hold up to scrutiny.

Some of you might be thinking that, in addition, GLAAD has an incentive to overstate the numbers of LGBTQ persons. That too is irrelevant.

Later, Perkins goes on via Peter Sprigg:

“If ‘all kids are gender fluid,’” Sprigg explains, “that means that not every kid who engages in gender-non-conforming behavior is innately ‘transgender’—and it certainly shouldn’t be a license to alter and mutilate their bodies.” In some cases, maybe forming a “gender identity” is a developmental process that takes a few years, he agrees. “The problem with the aggressive transgender movement is that it disrupts that normal process by telling kids that what they like to do is ‘who they are’ and their bodies are irrelevant.”

Most kids are not gender fluid. Also, Sprigg is so accustomed to defining sexual orientation as behavior rather than attraction that he has done the same thing (above) with gender identity. What Sprigg is trying to do is to promote the unsubstantiated notion that, if you just leave kids alone, they will cease being gender incongruent.

Again, Sprigg, a Baptist minister, is doing this to defend scripture.

What these religious fanatics are claiming is that minors are identifying as gender-diverse because of a nefarious left-wing conspiracy. At the same time, Perkins and Sprigg are demonstrating their enormous disrespect of parents and the medical profession.

Parents of a gender-diverse child seek medical advice from qualified clinicians. They are getting second opinions and more. If gender dysphoria is acute it must be treated. Otherwise it puts the kid at extreme risk for self-harm. No parent with a reasonably functioning brain will but their kid at risk to satisfy Genesis 1:27.

What is the alternative to transitioning? Do these people think that kids can be “talked out of their gender dysphoria?” (Paraphrasing Dr. Jack Drescher.)

The turd pile grows:

It’s bad enough that America has a presidential candidate encouraging transgender treatments for elementary school kids. But suggesting that every parent should embrace this radical rejection of their child’s biological reality is a pathway to self-destruction and misery.

Biden did not say that and he is not a candidate. Joseph R. Biden is now President-Elect Joseph R. Biden. Mr. Biden simply stated that we should accommodate transgender kids. Parents should not “embrace” anything. They need to consult with experts and then, with their child, make informed decisions.

There is nothing “radical” about the treatment of kids in distress from gender dysphoria. The clinical practice guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics are based upon the “gender-affirming care model.” Perhaps the AAP is in on the conspiracy.

As expected:

Just ask author Abigail Shrier. She’s talked to hundreds of families who are dealing with the fallout of this devastating ideology—many of them lifelong LGBT supporters who cannot understand why doctors, counselors, teachers, and activists are trying to lock their children into a future of gender confusion.

Ms. Shrier is not an expert. She is a sometime reporter for the Wall Street Journal. She based most of her conclusions on research that was effectively recanted (substantially corrected). Shrier is certainly not authoritative.

Shrier blather continues for several paragraphs and then:

Not surprisingly, the fringe activists pushing this agenda have gone ballistic that someone like Shrier has the nerve to tell the truth about their agenda. They bullied Amazon into blocking ad buys for the book. Then, this past week, a single tweet was all it took to persuade Target to pull the title from their shelves. The move hardly came as a shock, since this is the same company that still allows men in their girls’ restrooms and changing rooms.

I have no idea who these “fringe activists” are. I, for example, simply follow the established science because, like Ms. Shrier, I am not qualified to do otherwise. When I am unsure I contact one of the experts.

Regarding medical science, “the truth” is derived from peer-reviewed research published to respected academic journals. Shrier’s book is not research. It would never survive the peer-review “referee” process. Ms. Shrier is not a victim either and none of this has anything to do with the treatment of a medical condition.

Perkins has a set of balls to go back to bathroom wars. Unless, of course, he can come up with an example of how a trans female hurt a cisgender female. Target’s accommodation policy is the same as virtually every other major retailer. Even American Family Association (another hate group) has stopped its smear of Target Corp.

Eventually Perkins concludes:

To hear the truth about the transgender agenda that the left would do anything to hide, check out this interview with Abigail Shrier.

No one should care what Ms. Shrier believes. She is not qualified to opine on medical matters. There is nothing to hide. Nor could the research be hidden. This is part of a baseless conspiracy theory.

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