Larry Tomczak
Larry Tomczak | via YouTube

Larry Tomczak has a new video posted to YouTube (below the fold). Tomczak baselessly asserts that the election was stolen from Donald Trump. He also claims that Trump will ultimately prevail through divine intervention.

Tomczak, an Evangelical Christian blowhard has groundlessly claimed, for many years, that homosexuality is a learned behavior. His intent is to conform science to scripture.

Tomczak has written:

People are not born homosexual. According to Scripture and science, homosexuality is not part of someone’s biological constitution. People will argue to the contrary, but being gay is not like left-handedness. There is absolutely no scientific evidence of a gay gene. Nature or nurture? The answer is the latter. This is not opinion; it’s truth.

According to 2019 research, the interplay of many genes influences sexual orientation. However, a genetic component is not required to conclude that sexual orientation is organic. It is the overwhelming consensus of science that sexual orientation develops by about age two and is not influenced by others.

Tomczak, a proponent of conversion therapy, stresses that we should change because gay and lesbian people have much higher rates of mental illness and suicide. Speaking of mental illness …

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