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Frank Cannon, president of American Principles Project

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The American Principles Project has never been very principled when it comes to LGBTQ people.

Monday, Frank Cannon and Terry Schilling of American Principles Project have authored: America Needs A Special Counsel To Investigate Election Integrity, Stat. First some background:

American Principles Project was started by Robert P. George and Luis Tellez, an Opus Dei numerary. The two are involved in numerous religious pressure groups including the noxious National Organization for Marriage.

  • Chairman: Sean Fieler
  • President: Francis Cannon
  • Executive Director: Terrence Schilling

You might recall that APP organized an effort to fire Kevin Jennings who was an assistance secretary of education in the Obama administration. Robert P. George made an exceptionally odious video claiming that Jennings posed a threat to children in his current position because Jennings is gay.

Over the past couple of years, APP personnel have viciously attacked transgender people for no apparent reason (other than a defense of the faith).

Returning to today’s polemic

The subtitle of this masterpiece reads:

With credible allegations of fraud compounding by the day, the American people deserve a special counsel investigation to set the record straight.

Back the hell up! A “credible” allegation is one that is supported by evidence. Donald Trump has offered none. Rudy Giuliani has offered none. The more respectable lawyers who have withdrawn from Trump’s election cases have none. 36 court cases have produced no findings of voter fraud.

So how is it that Cannon and Schilling have evidence? Or do they? A conspiracy theory is not evidence of anything other than the stupidity of people who subscribe to it.

We begin with some basic dishonesty:

Well, it’s been decided. The powers that be have declared that Joe Biden is the next president of the United States, signaling an end of discussion for all right-thinking members of polite society. The election is over, Biden won, and it was legitimate. They’re sure of it. And no, they’re not taking any questions.

Voters decided. Election officials reported results to the media. When it became apparent that Joe Biden had more than 270 electoral votes (he has 306) he became the president elect. If people who do not like the outcome want to start a conversation they should do so with (dare I say again?) evidence of irregularities.

No one is going to volunteer to have a conversation engendered by conspiracy theories. The same is true of people, namely Alex Jones, who claim that 911 was an inside job. No conversation is to be had because those folks have no credible evidence. Debating conspiracy theories only gives them life which they should not have.

Ah, but there is a reason that there is no evidence. It has been “suppressed:”

Everyone of goodwill in the country is now supposed to accept on faith that those overseeing the election process are reasonable and honorable people, bound by morality and our nation’s venerable norms. The political environment of this election has led elites to plot coups in the case of a Donald Trump victory, call for dissidents’ executions, and systematically suppress the distribution of evidence indicating blatant Biden family corruption.

The “venerable norm” is the presumption that elections in this country are free and fair barring evidence to the contrary. This is the first I have heard about Hunter Biden’s laptop (which I suppose these two wizards are referring to) since the election. I thought that died because it was pretty idiotic at the outset.

Conservative Christians seem determined to project their victimization:

Now, Democratic operatives are building watch lists and promising retribution in perpetuity for those who dared to support Trump. …

More blatant dishonesty:

We are also supposed to believe that election fraud has already been proven to be impossible, and that allegations of it therefore deserve little to no investigation. …

No. At the risk of repeating myself, allegations without supporting evidence do not deserve investigation. The absence of fraud cannot be proven. Only its presence is subject to proof.


Forgive us for insisting that they prove it. …

Again, one cannot prove a negative. It is impossible to prove that there was no fraud. As a general proposition societies are not very forgiving of people who make wild, baseless accusations to further an agenda. That takes time. Forgiveness starts when Joe Biden is sworn in on January 20.

These nitwits are just playing on Trump’s agenda which seems to be twofold:

  1. Create a pretext to solicit donations to retire campaign debt. Some of that debt might be personally guaranteed. Some of that debt might be owed to Trump properties.
  2. Trump has been trying to undermine confidence in our elections throughout his entire campaign. In spite of his efforts to affect the election he still lost. Donald cannot cope with losing.

Let us not forget that the Republican Party did everything they could to suppress the vote. Hundreds of thousands of citizens have lost the franchise because of preposterous assertions of voter impersonation by GOP operatives. 38 states have voter ID laws to prevent something that never happens. The laws are intended to disenfranchise poor and minority voters who tend to vote Democratic.

Governments threw ballots out into the ether en masse since it would be too dangerous to go to the polls, creating a situation uniquely ripe for fraud, before turning around and urging voters to go to their polling locations even if they were currently infected with COVID-19. Courts and commissions also threw out many ballot-integrity measures that were in place.

Blame Trump’s CDC run by Robert R. Redfield who was appointed by Trump himself in 2018. It was the CDC that told Americans that they could still vote in person if they had a positive test for COVID-19. In fact, this was thought to benefit Trump. If, in fact, (and I do not know) “ballot integrity measures” were discarded it was not part of a nefarious conspiracy. 

…poll-watchers were denied the ability (sometimes, it seems, through trickery) to observe ballot counting—except, perhaps, from far enough away that they couldn’t see what was going on…

Social distancing during a pandemic is not trickery. So there is no evidence because poll watchers were too far away to catch malfeasance? They are projecting and it is not entirely their fault. The spectacularly dishonest Donald Trump has made people cynical.

The turd pile is growing:

[Investigation] is what the Trump campaign has called for, taking the issue to court and laying out their evidence. U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has ordered investigations. Trump and his surrogates are airing their findings and conclusions publicly, at least to the (decreasing) extent that the media and major tech corporations allow them to do so.

Indeed, the campaign has taken the issue to court. The problem is that they have not been “laying out their evidence” because there is no evidence. Court records have can be reviewed without assistance from the Media. I have reviewed every case before a federal court. No evidence was presented in any of those cases.

The Department of Justice has issued 94 press releases since, and including, election day. None indicate discovery of any voter fraud. If it’s an investigation that they want, they got one. So far — zip. And we are coming close to the point of no return. On December 8, state electors make their votes official.

I know that I am repeating myself. These folks are so invested in their own victimization that they lose control:

Meanwhile, elite institutions are spending their time loudly declaring that such questions are by their very nature illegitimate and evil. When evidence is presented, the media cuts away. …

“When evidence is presented?” No evidence has been presented. Show some credible evidence and questions will be entertained. No rational person wants to debate conspiracy theories. Doing so is futile. Try convincing a QAnon adherent that the government is not planning a mass roundup of Democratic elites who are running a child prostitution ring.

Always the same false equivalence:

The left’s hypocrisy on the issue is almost too obvious to even mention. These are, after all, the same people who spent the past four years insisting that the 2016 election was somehow illegitimate. …

The difference is that we had evidence of Russian interference which was confirmed by the intelligence community. With that evidence we were obliged to determine whether or not the Trump campaign was complicit. The simple fact is that the campaign was complicit in foreign espionage. “Russia if you’re listening…”

These folks are full of themselves and full of crap:

The investigation into the Russia hoax was based on far flimsier evidence than that which currently indicates potential voter fraud. Even so, members of the Trump administration acceded to the demands of their opponents, endlessly amplified through the media, and appointed a special counsel anyway.

It wasn’t a hoax. There was a mountain of evidence. Frank Cannon and Terry Schilling cannot seem to come up with any evidence of voter fraud. Claiming that evidence exists when there is none doesn’t magically manufacture evidence.

Un-fucking believable:

The Trump administration ought to appoint a special counsel without delay in order to ensure an ongoing and independent investigation into what seems to be Democratic election tampering.

The claim of Democratic election tampering is baseless. It is baseless no matter how many times they repeat it. Anyway, Trump is far too busy with more important matters. Tweeting, watching OAN on TEEvee, eating junk food and golfing. He has paid no attention to the coronavirus for months.

I suppose that he paid enough attention to fire some folks — mostly for telling the truth — and replacing them with toadies. He also made sure that six federal prisoners would meet their death penalty end. Yet he is ignoring the priority of the pandemic.

The good news is that, if Trump really believed that he would stay in office, then it seems likely that he would pay close attention to administration matters. Yesterday, Trump even skipped important parts of the G20 summit to play golf.

I love this part:

More importantly, the American people deserve to have confidence that our elections are truly free and truly fair. That kind of confidence can only come through public discussion of the facts and an open and transparent investigation of the allegations.

The American people would have confidence in our elections were that confidence not being undermined with baseless conspiracy theories.

Trump set this up. He claimed that he could only lose if the election were rigged. When the polls made it likely that he was going to lose he claimed that the election would be rigged. Now he is trying to prove that he was right all along. Proof requires substance. Proof means to establish something as fact. That requires substantiation.

Mr. Cannon and Ms. Schilling only add more reckless claims to the pile. They certainly cannot make a compelling case because the facts do not support their contentions. Like Trump they are lying through their teeth.

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