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Dutch Sheets | via YouTube

Get this: Dutch Sheets Leads Spiritual Election Battle With Intercessors: ‘This Isn’t Over!’ Dutch Sheets is a Dominionist and a self-styled prophet. In March of this year, Sheets was part of a group in the Oval Office that prophesied a quick end to the pandemic. I simply do not understand why fortune tellers have so many problems with accuracy.

According to CBN’s Paul Strand on Monday:

Even before the Nov. 3 election, Sheets felt God calling him to go pray and wait upon the Lord at the headwaters of the Allegheny River. He wasn’t sure why, but he flew to Pennsylvania, and on Election Day tracked down where the stream first bubbles up that becomes the mighty Allegheny and spent a good deal of time there with the Lord.


Later, Sheets sensed the command to return, but this time, to also call a prayer meeting where believers could pray, prophesy and make decrees and declarations concerning not only this disputed election but the nation’s course and future.

Strand goes on to write:

Many well-known Christian prophets in recent months declared President Donald Trump would win a second term. While some in the church now doubt that, others—like intercessory prayer leader Dutch Sheets—are calling for believers to stand firm with the prophets and listen for even more heavenly guidance.

Between December 8 (when electoral votes are counted) and January 20, 2021, Sheets is bound to claim that his god told him to be patient. People actually believe these blowhards. People send them money that could surely be used for better purposes.

P.T. Barnum is believed to have said “There’s a sucker born every minute.” That’s hard to argue with.

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