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Brown fawns over Trump’s self-serving agenda while whining about a prospective Biden agenda that is fairer to LGBTQ people and women.

Tuesday’s missive from Brian S. Brown is a money-beg for International Organization for the Family titled biden the globalist.

I will give Brian Brown the benefit of the doubt. I am going to assume that Mr. Brown does not know the origins of the term “globalist.” In the subject email, Brown uses it to describe President Elect Biden and George Soros (code for “evil Jewish influence”).

A half century ago it was well understood that a “globalist” is a Jewish person whose allegiance is not to the United States. His fidelity is to a global Jewish conspiracy seeking world domination.

According to Brown:

Few Americans have a good idea about the radical nature of Joe Biden’s domestic agenda. Even fewer understand the implications of his globalist inclinations. If Donald J. Trump has been an “America First” president, Joe Biden will be a “Globalist” president, to the great detriment of liberty, security, prosperity and traditional values.


Donald Trump as “America First president?” No sir. The greatest problem with Donald Trump is that Donald Trump is Donald Trump First, … last and always. If Trump actually showed concern for the American people he could have been reelected.

Trump was presented with an enormous opportunity. The potential crisis that was created by the coronavirus provided a chance for Trump to display leadership, organization and compassion. He did none of those things.

Trump’s first thought was not about the American people. Instead, he was concerned about how the virus might affect the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Trump was up for reelection and, from his very first days in office, the Dow was presumed by Trump to be his approval rating. Trump-First was always the Trump agenda.

Trump never saw the coronavirus as an opportunity. He perceived that the virus was a peril to Donald John Trump personally. Therefore, Trump cynically pretended that the virus was a hoax which would no longer persist after election day. Trump-First required the denial of reality.

To serve his own interests Trump created a climate in which wearing masks was characterized as unpatriotic and certainly un-Trump. It is unknown just how many cases of COVID-19 could have been avoided if people observed the holy triad: Wash hands, wear masks and socially distance.

Trump-First meant that Trump would have to denigrate the infectious disease experts. Instead Trump went on to substitute crackpots like Scott Atlas who is a radiologist with no applicable training or experience. Atlas and others would enable the Trump-First agenda by undermining the expert opinion pertaining to the danger posed by the coronavirus.

The result of Trump-First is 260,000 corpses and climbing. Some models suggest nearly 400,000 dead by Inaugural Day. The United States has 4% of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s COVID-19 cases; 18% of the world’s deaths due to COVID-19.

Returning to Mr. Brown

While there are many examples of Joe Biden’s globalist desires, perhaps none are so concerning as his desire to spread the extreme agenda of his radical backers like Planned Parenthood and LGBT lobby groups. The International Organization for the Family (IOF) is determined to fight this effort, but we need your help.

After all, it is terribly concerning that LGBTQ people are entitled to Equal Protection and Due Process. Mr. Brown is the radical extremist in out midst. He wants to impose the teachings of the Catholic Church on everyone else.

Planned Parenthood is portrayed as evil. It goes beyond abortion. The Church disapproves of contraceptives which are at the core of Planned Parenthood’s mission.

Brian Brown has now committed to increasing the anti-LGBTQ bigotry of International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The focal point of his prejudice is transgender kids who are already vulnerable and fragile. The bigotry is advanced by spreading misinformation.

No one is served through the spread of pseudoscientific bullshit about so-called “confused” children. Brown will inform his constituency that those kids are just one step away from the scalpel of a mad surgeon.

Brian Brown does not like efforts to reduce climate change. After several gimme money paragraphs:

Much of the discussion to date about Joe Biden’s embrace of globalism has focused on climate change, which Biden calls an “existential threat” to humanity. He has pledged that, on the day of his Inauguration, he will recommit America to the Paris Climate Agreement treaty, which commits countries to adopting greenhouse gas emission standards to slow the growth in climate temperature. Developed countries like the United States are expected to shoulder the burden of reducing climate change due to “equity and the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in the light of different national circumstances.” … … …

Yeah, well, more industrialized nations create the greatest danger. I cannot be sure but I suspect that Brown’s real agenda goes back to contraceptives. I am not an expert on climate but one of the best means of reducing man’s contribution to the problem is to conceive fewer children.

Brown cannot help himself:

He [Biden] wants to open America’s borders to expansive illegal immigration, a key objective of one of the world’s leading globalists, George Soros.

That is not true for either Mr. Biden or Mr. Soros. Mr. Biden is likely to be more welcoming to legal immigrants than “we’re full” Donald Trump. That is our tradition. Furthermore, legal immigration is good for the economy. According to the Treasury Department:

…immigrants are not only an integral part of American culture and society but also important contributors to the United States economy. Immigrants work and pay taxes and also create new products, businesses, and technologies that lead to jobs for all Americans.

Immigrants tend to be highly entrepreneurial, creating jobs here in the United States. …

That is Obama-era text and Treasury offers proof of its assertions.

Brown concludes with anti-LGBTQ language:

As important as all these issues are, however, of particular concern to us at the IOF is what Biden will do to advance the extreme ideology and agenda of his radical backers on the left, including Planned Parenthood and LGBT lobby groups. Biden is intent on establishing abortion as a human right, and will pursue foreign policies designed to force countries to agree to lenient abortion laws. He is a leading advocate of same-sex ‘marriage’ and will promote this policy around the globe. He also has issued a full-on embrace of gender ideology, even ridiculously stating that an 8-year-old is mature enough to decide to “transition” his or her gender.

Exactly who is being “ridiculous?”

I am not accusing Brian S. Brown of anti-Semitism. However, he can moderate his language regarding globalists and George Soros to eliminate the doubt.

Mr. Brown cannot — and will not — moderate his anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. His religious beliefs govern personal behavior and nothing more. Brown’s anti-LGBTQ bigotry is a conscious and unnecessary choice. His choices are likely to increase his marginalization in polite society.

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