World War II ended for Imperial Japanese Army Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi in 1972 when he surrendered to authorities on Guam.

I lived on Guam for my employer at the time. Very pretty but utterly awful. I was a contractor and the military “suggested” to my employer that I should be transferred. I ended up in Bangkok which I loved.

Getting back to Guam, it is home to Yokoi’s Cave. For Yokoi, a Japanese sergeant, World War II ended in 1972 when he surrendered. His cave is a popular tourist destination.

That recollection was inspired by the Conservative Action Project (CAP). Founded by former AG Edwin Meese III. CAP should be named The Religious Conservative Action Project. It has been closely associated with the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council. CAP does not appear to be a 501(c)x nonprofit entity.

On Monday, CAP released a statement titled Count Every Legal Vote. Nearly three weeks after the election, what makes them think that every legal vote has not been counted? Are there “illegal votes?” According to Virginia Allen at Heritage Foundation the CAP statement means: Presidential Election Isn’t Over Yet, Conservative Leaders Say.

According to CAP’s statement:

It is not a coup to insist that we follow our election laws. It does not erode the foundations of the republic to remind American citizens that the media does not certify elections. And it is not a stain on our national honor for a candidate to refuse to concede when there are open and compelling disputes about an electoral outcome.

CAP is mischaracterizing the issue. The problem is that Donald Trump has intentionally undermined confidence in our elections without a scrap of evidence to support his allegations. None of Trump’s lawyers have introduced evidence in any of Trump’s election litigation.

CAP is suggesting that Americans believe that the media has a role in the certification of elections which further suggests that President Elect Biden is only president elect because the media says so. That is false on both counts.

The media do not certify elections but the media can count. The media do not conjure up vote tallies. These come from election officials who have a physical count. Elected officials do so as well. Long before every vote was counted in Georgia, the Republican Secretary of State announced that there would be a recount.

I would agree that there are “open disputes.” Some people still insist that our moon landing was faked. “Compelling disputes” are another matter. A dispute becomes compelling when it is supported by evidence. As I said, no evidence exists.

CAP is currently headed by Alfred S. Regnery. If he or anyone else associated with the organization have any evidence of electoral wrongdoing, I would be willing to listen. Until then …

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