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Bill Johnson, American Decency Association via YouTube

Conservative Christians made the hypocritical choice to support the twice-divorced, six-time creatively bankrupt con artist, Donald Trump. In their circles many of their leaders went on the record to claim that God would ensure that Trump was reelected. Some of them even claimed that God chatted with them.

Wednesday I received an email from Bill Johnson of the very anti-LGBTQ American Decency Association. It is from Johnson but seems to be signed by their Steve Huston. A few years ago, Mr. Huston had a meltdown-shitfit because Honeymade advertised some graham crackers with a gay couple. ADA, at about the same time, had a collective embolism over a Hallmark card that they did not like.

The missive is titled: Why All the Confusion? It begins with (numbered for reference purposes):

[1] “How is it possible that Trump had the most minority votes of ANY Republican since 1960, but Joe Biden received 8,000,000 more votes than Obama 2008?

[2] “How is it possible that Trump picked up almost 250,000 Democrat cross over voters in Florida alone?

[3] “How is it possible that Biden/Dem turnout was DOWN in every urban area except for four (Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia)?

[4] “How is it possible that all the swing states knew to stop counting at almost the exact same time on election night?” So begins a recent Unconstrained Analytics article, “2020 Questions”. It continues with many similar questions/facts and ends with a simple one word answer—“FRAUD!”

Numbers 1 and 2 are simply answered: Because that’s how people voted.

Number 3 is the result of Trump persuading his supporters to only vote in person while Democrats voted, in large measure, by mail-in ballot during a pandemic. Mail-in ballots were tallied after in-person votes so, as the evening (and days) progressed, Biden obtained and widened a lead.

Item #4 is untrue. It is nothing but a conspiracy theory that has spread widely among the incurious MAGA set.

None of these people have put forward any evidence of electoral irregularities. Donald Trump has not. The very batshit crazy Sidney Powell has not. Powell has actually claimed that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, accepted a bribe to rig his state’s vote count. Rudy Giuliani (“Leaking Rudy”) offered no evidence in court. Lin Wood sued in Georgia without evidence (or standing).

The misadventure continues:

How is it that common sense, in light of the above facts, doesn’t move a good many Leftists to question our alleged election results? How is it that despite the overwhelming accumulation of evidence of election and voter fraud being uncovered by people like Sidney Powell , Rudy Giuliani , Kevin Freeman, along with a host of affidavits, there are still masses who blindly follow the media’s “nothing to see here” narrative or accept the Left’s claim that these are just the last futile, flailing attempts of a sitting president refusing to accept defeat, as they continue to harden the hearts and minds of this nation with their lies? Why, after four years of the Democrat Party’s lying, cheating, and violence aimed at removing a duly elected president of the United States, shouldn’t people demand truth and fairness before moving forward in unity?

We do not question the results of the election because there is no evidence suggesting that we should question the election. The “accumulation” has been a collection of conspiracy theories — not evidence. Kevin Freeman, by the way, is a crazed conspiracy theorist. Freeman is associated with the Center for Security Policy which has come to the attention of the SPLC because of its rabid anti-Muslim conspiracy theories.

The media have absolutely nothing to do with vote counts. The tallies are provided to the media by election officials.

As for the “Democrat [sic] Party’s lying, cheating, and violence,” Huston provides no evidence or specifics. However, There exists a mountain of hard evidence that Trump is a pathological liar. As of mid-September, the Washington Post had the count at over 23,000. During the campaign Trump averaged 50 lies per day.

Trump is refusing to accept defeat because:

  1. Trump cannot cope with being a loser and;
  2. his refusal to concede is pretext for asking for donations to retire campaign debt. I receive a gimme email this very morning.

The requisite references to scripture follow along with the prospect of divine intervention. A simple appraisal indicates that their god preferred Joe Biden (if one is inclined to believe such things. That is, unless one thinks that their god requires the approval of people like Johnson and Huston to do something.

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