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Eddie Hyatt pitched a fit in February when Walmart issued new vests to employees which included a rainbow symbol. He advised employees not to wear the vest. That advice was objectively stupid.

Monday, Hyatt, a Christian nationalist, is claiming that Donald Trump could still prevail: Why the Electoral Vote Could Be Key to a Second Term for Trump. His persistence is perhaps explained by his prior prophecy that Trump would win.

Terribly confused or a liar? You decide.

Some of you just said to yourselves that Mr. Hyatt is confused and a liar.

The American media has declared Joe Biden the president-elect on the basis of the popular vote. However, the U.S. Constitution gives clear guidelines for choosing the president of the United States and neither the media nor a popular vote is mentioned. It is the Electoral College that chooses the U.S. president.

That is blatantly untrue on many counts. MSNBC, Fox, the Associated Press, the New York Times and other outlets declared that Biden had won based on having unequivocally received 270 electoral votes. There was no ambiguity and we all know that a president is elected on the basis of electoral votes. Sophistry or stupidity on the part of Mr. Hyatt?

After several paragraphs of constitutional blather:

Traditionally, the electors vote for the candidate who has received the majority of the popular vote in their state. However, they are not bound by the Constitution to do so. They have the legal right to vote for whomever they choose. The Constitution, in fact, says nothing about a popular vote for president.

32 states have laws requiring electors to follow the popular vote in their state. In June of this year the United States Supreme Court ruled that those laws are constitutionally permissible. Sophistry or stupidity on the part of Mr. Hyatt?

The courts are not likely to overturn an election. However, if the electors in swing states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin become convinced that serious voter fraud occurred in their state, they could cast their ballots for Trump even though Biden has been declared the winner of the popular vote.

Michigan and Wisconsin both have laws binding electors to the popular vote. Tom Wolf, the Democratic governor of Pennsylvania chooses the electors. Undoubtedly he will choose people who pledge to vote for Joe Biden. Sophistry or stupidity on the part of Mr. Hyatt?

Furthermore, how would someone be convinced that voter fraud occurred when no evidence has been presented to sustain that claim?

Hyatt goes on to claim that “[t]he founders held a Christian view of human nature as being flawed by sin.” That is pure Christian nationalism bullshit. Eventually Hyatt (almost) concludes:

They established the Electoral College to avoid, as much as possible, the tyranny of a majority over the minority. Liberals want to eliminate the Electoral College because it continues to pose a hindrance to their pursuit of absolute power.

The above is complete bullshit. Some attendees to the Philadelphia convention felt that Congress should select a president. Others thought that the president should be selected by popular vote even though there was concern that 18th century voters would not be able to make a fully informed decision. At the time, no other nation in the world chose its leaders by the vote of the people.

The electoral college was a compromise by weary people who had been trying to resolve the question over many months. Right now some people want to eliminate the electoral college to prevent another Trump from becoming president. The matter is not worthy of debate at this time.

The reason that it is not worthy of debate is that a change would require a constitutional amendment. That is an arduous process. Hyatt’s notion that so-called liberals are in the “pursuit of absolute power” is idiotic. Over the last 50 years, the person who has been most in pursuit of absolute power is Donald Trump.

Trump’s post-election antics are sufficient proof of Trump’s autocratic bent and we have not reached January 20 yet. Electors vote on December 14, two weeks from today. I doubt that Trump is going to fold his “rigged election” tent immediately thereafter.

Trump is unpredictable, not because he holds his cards close, but because Trump is unstable and erratic. He doesn’t use the element of surprise as a stratagem. He is not that mentally organized and he is easily influence by others who say what he wants to hear.

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