“… other, more moderate, believers will remember the spectacular stupidity of these cretins.”

I have two emails from Bill Johnson of American Decency Association. The first of these I received Monday evening. It is titled: !!Alert Alert Alert!!. It reads, in part:

We need EVERYONE in the state to show up at the MI State Capitol at 9am tomorrow, Dec 1st.

This may be our last stand! Michigan Senate is meeting at 10 am and trying to stop an evidentiary hearing and the House will meet at 1:30 pm.

This is not a drill. This is the most critical moment we may have ever faced in our state. Our country needs us. We must ALL BE THERE.

Now is the hour. The time where your country calls you to act. This is our battle cry! This is OUR country!

Michigan has already certified President Elect Joe Biden as the winner by a large margin. There was a perfunctory hearing before a Michigan Senate sub-committee. Its intent was to examine election security going forward. Scores of individuals were given three minutes to explain their witness of irregularities. It sort of went like this (not a real witness):

I arrived at the polling station. I asked a woman whom I never saw before where to get on line. She sneered at me and, without saying a word, pointed to the end of the line with a crooked finger. Obviously, fraud was afoot. I heard her tell someone that she was being paid by George Soros.

With evidence like that it seems certain that we need to reset everything and have a national do-over!

The second masterpiece I received this morning (Tuesday). It is titled: Time to take Action! and reads, in part:

I just listened to Brannon Howse’s live webcast with General McInerney, Kirk Wiebe, and Mary Fanning about the election, and they gave some urgent action points. They emphasized that our elected officials need to know we’re watching them. Also, they need to know that there is broad-based support for continuing the fight for election integrity.

This is a coup attempt, and also an attempt to destroy our America. Probably some of the effort is foreign.


I urge you to demand a full investigation of the recent presidential election. The American people need justice, election integrity, and we insist that you take every necessary action to preserve our constitutional republic. It is not enough to correct the issues for the next election; we deserve justice for this election!

You know how some buildings intentionally block cell phone transmissions? Religious fanatics have a way of blocking out information that does not conform to their world view. That information includes the fact that Michigan has certified its election results. Furthermore, given the opportunity in court, no one has provided any evidence of election irregularities.

I’ll get to General McInerney but first, Kirk Wiebe is a former NSA employee who has some connection now to Sidney Powell and her crazy quest in Georgia. Mary Fanning is a crazy conspiracy theorist who claims that Trump was spied on by the “Deep State” and that Michael Flynn was targeted by the Obama administration because he knew too much about “the corrupt pay-to-play money laundering schemes” of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Retired General Thomas McInerney is a 10 on the batshit scale. McInerney, a Birther, called President Obama a treasonous leader who is “aiding and abetting the enemy.” McInerney claimed that Obama was constitutionally ineligible to hold office. McInerney wanted all Muslim males to be strip searched at airports.

More recently, McInerney called the late Senator John McCain a traitor because torture worked and he spilled his guts to the North Vietnamese. That bit of batshit got McInerney permanenly banned from appearing on Fox News.

The bottom line is that Bill Johnson has earned the title of “Useful Idiot.” Since the election, Trump has fleeced supporters out of $170 million. Only individual contributions over $8,500 went to the supposed Election Defense Fund. Presumably, Johnson believes this bullshit (click on images to enlarge) which I received this week:

If tweets are any indicator, many of the MAGA crowd are Christian zealots who hypocritically support a sociopath in order to supposedly get Roe v. Wade overturned.

Johnson and the rest of the MAGA set are done deals. Their brains have been fried and they will likely go to their graves believing that Trump was cheated out of a place on Mt. Rushmore, a Nobel Peace Prize and reelection. However, other, more moderate, believers will remember the spectacular stupidity of these cretins.

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