Mat Staver
via YouTube

Hate Group Leader Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel is sad. On Friday:

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver stated, “The illegal actions of officials in four states violated the Constitution and made the 2020 election less secure for all voters. In a presidential election when one state makes the election less secure, that state affects voters in all the states. Every American’s vote has been violated.”

Mad Mat is impervious to evidence — or lack of same. The above statement came to me by email a couple of hours prior to the unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court to dismiss the case he is referring to. Prior to that idiotic statement state and federal courts ruled that Trump and his enablers had no evidence of any illicit activities.

I will give the new administration some time to settle in but I’ll be damned if Liberty Counsel retains its status with the Internal Revenue Service as a church. It is neither a church nor a church auxiliary and must be required to file an annual report available to the public.

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