Abigail Shrier

“When a kid contracts a disease, parent are angry at the disease. If a kid experiences acute gender dysphoria, some parents are angry with the kid.”

According to Heather Sells at CBN News: Activists Call for Book Ban as Politically Incorrect Look at Transgender Teens Shakes Up Marketplace. The simple fact is that if Abigail Shrier wrote a comparable book bearing misinformation about any other minority group, no one would carry it.

Imagine, if you will, the Shrier tome “proving” that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was a legitimate document reflecting the intent of prominent Jews seeking world domination. Anyway, Jeff Bezos has already cornered that market.

From banning to burning, a top-selling book on transgenderism is making waves. The book examines why teenage girls are suddenly coming out as trans, but it doesn’t check all the right boxes on the trans agenda, so it’s been under fire for months.

Author Abigail Shrier believes it’s the prerogative of adults who identify as transgender to have medical procedures to change their appearance to fit their desired gender. But she’s concerned about offering that decision to children, especially those whose parents oppose it.

Based upon discredited research by Lisa Littman, Shrier’s book is about anonymous mothers who claim that their teenaged girls became transgender because social media thinks it’s cool. Furthermore, is Shrier now saying that minors do not require parental consent for gender interventions?

Her book Irreversible Damage, published by Regnery Publishing in June, chronicles the transgender craze among adolescent girls and the professionals who pave the way for them to get puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries.

A graduate of Yale Law School and writer for the Wall Street Journal and Newsweek, Shrier focused her book on social contagion and pediatric medical issues in transgenderism.

The Status of her law license in California is “inactive.” Abigail Shrier is married to Zachary Shrier who is a prominent money manager and a conservative Jew.

There is no “transgender craze.” People who would transition later in life are transitioning earlier — based on the overwhelming consensus of medical science. There is no reason for a child or adolescent to suffer.

Regarding sinister people who cause teens to be consumers of drugs and surgery, adolescent girls require parental consent in most cases. Moreover, they are not candidates for surgery.

If Shrier was not intent on fostering hyperbolic fiction then she would not be the object of opprobrium. 

There is no reliable evidence to support the “social contagion” theory. Furthermore, Shrier is not qualified to opine on “pediatric medical issues.” She is at odds with the Pediatric Endocrine Society and the Endocrine Society as well as the American Academy of Pediatrics. In other words, Ms. Shrier is being irresponsible.

I do not know if Shrier has a religious objection to transgender people or if she was simply trying to make some money. Her motives are irrelevant. What matters is that she is spreading misinformation about a very vulnerable and fragile minority group.

Moreover, Shrier’s logic train is broken. Even if there did exist some teen girls who were influenced to be transgender (which seems improbable), that has no relevance to the overwhelming majority of trans youth.

More BS:

She told CBN News recently, “All I’m asking for is more medical oversight, caution, and awareness that this is being a social-driven fad, so nothing so outrageous at all.”

All I am asking for is more medical oversight and awareness that deafness is caused by pulsations from elfin zombies. Shrier’s premise is fabricated which renders “all I’m asking for” intellectually dishonest. By the way, Shrier sure has been busy on the literalist Christian circuit.

But transgender activists disagree and have called for an end to sales of her book. Chase Strangio, a staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, calls the book “dangerous” and calls on activists to “fight these ideas which are leading to the criminalization of trans life.”

Chase, a transgender man, is correct. The book is dangerous because it promotes misinformation. Several states have tried to ban pediatric transgender care including puberty blockers. So far they have failed but a ban on puberty blockers would have devastating consequences.

Such a ban would cause trans youth to develop unwanted features associated with their natal sex. That, in turn, would cause immense distress leading to self-harm. In contrast, transitioned youth with family support do very well according to the research.

Poor Abby:

Shrier said it’s tough to sell a book that doesn’t conform to woke politics when a few major booksellers dominate the market.

This has nothing to do with conformity, “woke” anything or politics. This is about peddling dangerous bullshit.

Another false narrative:

“The book has a lot of grass-roots support from parents who feel like they have no other voice,” she said. “They have lived through the horror of having their daughter suddenly identify as transgender out of nowhere and have every adult around her undermine the parents and push her towards transition.”

How many are “they?” Who are these supposed adults? How is that providing anyone other than Shrier a voice?

If a kid is in distress due to gender dysphoria and that same kid has parents who insist on defending scripture, then we have a problem. A responsible parent will seek the advice of qualified medical personnel. Others seem to rely on Ms. Shrier who is wholly unqualified to speak for their children.

Does anyone realize that Shrier is all over the place even in this brief setting? First she claims that she wants to protect parental rights when parents oppose having a trans child. Opposition is likely to be religious in nature. They don’t need Shrier. They need a qualified psychiatrist. 

Then she claims that minors are receiving medical interventions without parental consent.

Then she says that she wants to improve medical oversight and awareness for circumstances that do not exist.

Now she is claiming that she wants to be the voice of supposedly aggrieved parents. What is the grievance?

When a kid contracts a disease, parent are angry at the disease. If a kid experiences acute gender dysphoria, some parents are angry with the kid.

The theme that I absorb is that this is about misbehaving children. The reality is that this is about children with a medical condition who require professional care.

Making matters even worse is the fact that the religious right is heavily invested in convincing parents that if they have their child assessed by a qualified specialist then that child will definitely become transgender. Those same people promote “watchful waiting” which means:

  • Not basing decisions on sound medical advice.
  • Allowing a youth to suffer needlessly.
  • Putting that same youth at risk for self-harm.
  • Creating family conflict.

Again, for the millionth time. None of this crap from the religious right has anything to do with the wellbeing of children. This is about an effort to prevent people from being transgender in defense of Genesis 1:27. That, in turn, is based on the ridiculous notion that gender identity is a choice.

Instead of supposedly calling for increased medical oversight and awareness, the responsible thing to do is to urge parents to obtain a fully qualified medical opinion … And then a second opinion. That doesn’t seem to be Shrier’s agenda.

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