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It never occurs to these people that the way to not being deemed a hate group is to stop behaving as a hate group.

An email from Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, reads, in part:

I’m madder than a wet hen right now. That’s why I’m asking you to sign our petition to the president of NBC News asking him to retract an awful story they ran.

The Dec. 9 article was about “hate groups” receiving Paycheck Protection Program funds to help with covid lockdowns. NBC curated their list from the notorious left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center and included well-respected pro-family groups like American Family Association, the American College of Pediatricians, and us!

Contrary to Morse’s description, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a respected, credible source of information. American Family Association is a rabidly homophobic, transphobic and Islamophobic operation.

American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) tries to fool people into believing that it is the real professional organization. That would be the American Academy of Pediatrics.

ACPeds is a conservative Christian group. ACPeds only exists because of homophobia. It was created because its membership did not like research demonstrating that children raised by gay couples are not disadvantaged. Over the years they have promoted misinformation, mythology and appeals to stereotype about LGBTQ people.

Ruth Institute is dishonest. It promotes information without identifying it as the teachings of the Catholic Church. Ms. Morse is an economist, not a sociologist. Morse has said that gay relationships are “intrinsically disordered acts and can never be morally acceptable.” Morse has falsely linked homosexuality with pedophilia. Then there is this:

Transgender is a political category. Invented for political purposes. It has nothing to do with either psychology or medicine. It is a political category. So you need to see that so you stop feeling sorry for these people.

“Pro-family” is usually code for anti-LGBTQ activism. I am pro-family. The difference, of course, is that my understanding of family includes LGBTQ constituents. Ms. Morse’s three examples of “respected groups” only highlights how disconnected she is from reality.

Getting back to the email:

Our mission is to defend the family and build a civilization of love. If fighting sex abuse, pornography, and divorce makes us a hate group, so be it.

But none of these groups who defend moral truth deserve to be smeared by NBC News.

If all it did amounted to “fighting sex abuse, pornography, and divorce” then it would not be considered a hate group. “Smeared?” “Defending the family means smearing LGBTQ people.

Logical fallacies:

In its story, NBC neglected to mention that Planned Parenthood affiliates received $80 million in loans, and strip clubs qualified for millions more.

Apparently NBC finds nothing hateful about killing unborn children, nothing degrading to women about pole dancing.

Morse knows perfectly well that Planned Parenthood is a medical provider for many poor people. Abortion is a tiny portion of its activities and some of the affiliates that obtained those loans do not provide abortions at all. Nevertheless, Morse smears the entire organization.

I would remind Ms. Morse, that abortion is a legal medical procedure that is not forced on anyone. She also opposes contraceptives which are known to reduce the amount of abortions. Morse would like to force women to give birth to babies that are the result of rape or incest.

More importantly, no one — other than religious fanatics — believes that Planned Parenthood is a hate group or hateful. There are many businesses receiving PPP loans that Ms. Morse disapproves of. She is not the arbiter of who was entitled and no one believes, for example, that strip clubs are hate groups.

Begging the question:

We, on the other hand, are against killing babies and the idea that women are merchandise. That makes us a hate group?

Of course not. Ruth institute is an anti-LGBTQ hate group because it “smears” LGBTQ people in an effort to marginalize them.

Morse doesn’t seem to get that she is free to denounce Planned Parenthood, strip clubs and LGBTQ people. Yet, NBC should be restrained from doing the same thing regarding hate groups. NBC has a far larger audience but the process is exactly the same.

It never occurs to these people that the way to not being deemed a hate group is to stop behaving as a hate group.

Here are some more examples of Morse’s anti-LGBTQ bullshit. These are just a few of the screens that were used in a 2016 lecture in Australia fighting marriage equality.

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