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Stumping for Donald Trump in 2019, Rep Brian Babin falsely claimed that we had the lowest level of unemployment in more than 50 years.

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Apparently President Biden will be complicit in HRC’s design for the end of Christendom.

Tuesday, Representative Brian P. Babin (R-TX-36) has intentionally misstated the goals of the Human Rights Campaign. Babi took to the blog of the hard-right Heritage Foundation with: ‘Blueprint for Positive Change’ Exposes the Left’s Plans for Conservatives.

That is the first of many lies. The “Blueprint” is the work of the Human Rights Campaign. It sets forth HRC’s lobbying goals for the new administration.

I’ll get to HRC. Please bear with me while I first dispense with some of Babin’s seditious delusions:

Until the electoral votes are certified by Congress on Jan. 6, our country will not officially select the next president. Nevertheless, liberal voices across America have already claimed victory in the presidential race and have begun laying the framework for a Biden administration.

Babin was one of 126 Republican members of the House who signed an amicus brief in support of Texas v. Pennsylvania. Later on, in the same polemic, Babbling Babin writes:

Should Biden find himself in the White House come January, he will not resist this degradation of American ideals; instead, he will work to make us less free, more secular, and more like his own fanatical base under the guise of “progress.”

Babin, a dentist by trade, has some remarkable capabilities. He can read President Biden’s mind and he can predict the future.

Until the era of Trump, congressional certification of an election was a mere formality. True to form Trump baselessly claimed that the election was rigged simply because he lost. Republicans seeking to pander to Trump’s drooling base played along in spite of the fact that there is not a scintilla of evidence of election irregularities.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi explained:

“The 126 Republican Members that signed onto this lawsuit brought dishonor to the House. Instead of upholding their oath to support and defend the Constitution, they chose to subvert the Constitution and undermine public trust in our sacred democratic institutions.”

Mr. Babin flunked high school civics. Joe Biden will be sworn in on January 20, 2021. He will replace Donald Trump whose employment has been terminated. Babin’s expression of doubt (“should”) is dishonest.

HRC and the Blueprint

Quoting Mr. Babin:

Some of the most shocking and disturbing demands found in this blueprint concern our schools and academia, long seen as the most promising pathway for the left to push their agenda and indoctrinate American youth as disciples of progressivism.

One of the 85 egregious requests, woefully underreported in the media thus far, is to strip accreditation from religious colleges and universities that do not meet “non-discrimination policies and science-based curricula standards.”

That is a lie. The text of the Blueprint reads:

Language regarding accreditation of religious institutions of higher education in the Higher Education Opportunity Act could be interpreted to require accrediting bodies to accredit religious institutions that discriminate or that do not meet science based curricula standards. The Department of Education should issue a regulation clarifying that this provision, which requires accreditation agencies to “respect the stated mission” of religious institutions, does not require the accreditation of religious institutions that do not meet neutral accreditation standards including nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum requirements.

Accrediting bodies (accrediting commissions) are private, non-governmental agencies. What that clearly says is that accrediting bodies should not be required to accredit religiously affiliated schools if the accrediting commission’s standards require nondiscrimination policies and scientific curriculum standards.

Babin’s incoherent bloviation continues:

Here, couched in language designed to suggest moral superiority and scientific legitimacy, is a blatant, full-frontal assault on our religious liberties.

The Human Rights Campaign is not simply suggesting that Christian institutions comply with the left’s view of “non-discrimination,” but rather they are forcing institutions to either abandon the tenants [sic] of their religious beliefs or face severe consequences. Haven’t we seen this play out in history before, such as the Soviet Revolution and Mao’s Cultural Revolution?

It has become so typical of these radical Republicans to claim that things they do not like are communist initiatives. Aside from the fact that he is misstating the aims of HRC, HRC is not a government agency. In contrast Babin is an elected official. Babin signed onto a brief designed to strip our citizens of the right to have their votes count.

Which of those things is more consistent with the People’s Republic of China or the Russian Federation? The objectives of the Human Rights Campaign or the disenfranchisement of 81 million people who voted for Joseph R. Biden?

As we’ve already seen from his statements on the campaign trail and his inconsistent ideologies as a career politician, Joe Biden is more than willing to cave under pressure from the most radical wings of his party, especially when it comes to the LGBT community.

How quickly they’ve preyed on Biden’s weaknesses—exploiting his malleability and willingness to kowtow to gay activist groups, so-called “social justice warriors,” opponents of law and order, and other moral revolutionaries.

The aims of our community for Due Process and Equal Protection are only “radical” for a dyed-in-the-wool bigot like Babin (he previously sponsored the transphobic and oddly named Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017).

Radical is trying to undermine confidence in our election to pander to a misinformed, radical and violent group (the MAGA set).

Babin promotes another hyperbolic lie:

If the Human Rights Campaign is successful, Christian schools will cease to exist and religious institutions will be bullied to bow down to the LGBT orthodoxy.

And one more:

Our right to religious liberty is about more than just the freedom to worship, it’s about the assurance that we cannot be forced to go against our core values and principles.

The Constitution guarantees Free Exercise. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is well established that Mr. Babin is free to worship the sanctity of peanut butter if that pleases him. He is not free to impose radical right wing Christian religious doctrine on everyone else (Babin is a church deacon).

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