Breaking out the bullshit-to-English app to translate a hate group’s drivel.

Just to be clear, I am not attacking peer-reviewed research. I suspect that the study’s investigators would agree with my observations. According to American Family Association, an anti-LGBTQ hate group:

Even with the “groundbreaking” study revealing that transwomen undergoing hormone therapy still have a significant advantage over biological female athletes, conservatives are sure that Joe Biden will accelerate the transgender agenda if given the chance.

I am not a mind reader but AFA does have a track record. The intended inference is likely to be that trans boys are ruining high school athletics by competing unfairly. AFA is not deterred by the fact that there is no evidence to support that contention.

Indeed, they rapidly switch to public schools:

But even given this research, a conservative group is concerned that a Joe Biden administration would move quickly to promote a radical sexual agenda in America’s schools. The Democrat presidential hopeful has, for example, promised to reinstate the Barack Obama policy allowing transgendered students access to the sports, bathrooms, and locker rooms that match the gender of their choice.

One requires a bullshit-to-English app to translate this drivel.

  • Transgender accommodations do not “promote” gender incongruence.
  • There is nothing remotely “radical” about treating people with kindness.
  • Joseph R. Biden is not a “presidential hopeful.” He is president elect and he will be sworn in on January 20, 2021. Biden’s status in unambiguous.
  • The word “transgender” is an adjective. Adjectives ending in “ed” are used to describe a temporary feeling or emotion. “Transgendred” is just one more way for AFA to demonstrate disapproval.
  • “Gender of their choice?” Were gender a choice there would probably be no transgender people. This is another form of disparagement retooled from AFA’s homophobia.

That “conservative group,” by the way, is Steve McConkey’s 4 Winds USA. Steve McConkey is obsessed with LGBTQ people.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the International Olympic Committee have already settled this issue regarding trans females by establishing standards for participation. The NCAA requires one calendar year of testosterone suppression. The IOC policy is based on testosterone levels.

Those policies have absolutely nothing to do with who our president is. The IOC first formulated a policy in 2004; the NCAA in 2011.

High school policies are generally established by sports conferences which are independent of government.

The Christian Right has manufactured a controversy regarding high school competition that has little, or nothing, to do with athletic fairness. This is just another means of attacking transgender people whom, the conservative Christians profess, are an affront to scripture.

The study

Bottom line:

We reviewed fitness test results and medical records of 29 transmen and 46 transwomen who started gender affirming hormones while in the United States Air Force.

On average, study participants were 26.2 years of age. Therefore, the study’s subjects were adults who began taking hormones as adults. These individuals had fully-developed masculine characteristics including muscle mass.

The average trans girl competing in high school athletics has probably been on puberty blockers since she entered puberty. In later teens she has probably begun hormone treatment. The essential purpose of puberty blockers is to prevent the development of natal sex characteristics. Hormones then continue to suppress testosterone.

Again, this “controversy” has nothing to do with athletic fairness. It is a conservative Christian fetish to marginalize the very existence of transgender people.

The proof of the matter is that at no time have the religious fanatics ever proposed establishing objective criteria for participation. From time-to-time they have implied that some trans females are only pretending to be transgender for athletic benefit.

The hate group are not interested in objective standards. This is a vehicle for transgender denigration.

The kids want to compete. It is part of the high school experience. No one desires an unfair advantage as that would taint their accomplishments. Trans girls who participate in high school athletics are best served by guidelines that assure the public that they do not have an unfair advantage.

Hate groups like AFA are in perpetual kvetch over transgender folks. They never seem to care very much about the plight of the kids themselves. Growing up gay was tough enough. I cannot begin to understand the difficulties of being a trans youth.

There are no volunteers in the transgender orbit. Youth are transgender to mitigate the effects of a serious, life-threatening medical condition (gender dysphoria). None of these kids raised their hand to be the object of scorn and ridicule. The least that we can do is to employ a bit of empathy.

That goes for groups like American Family Association as well. They want to be perceived as caring, loving Christians in the spirit of Jesus. Yet they victimize people whom they disapprove of. They dispense far more shame than love. In doing so they do violence to people they have never even listened to.

Shame on them!

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