Louis DeJoy
via Rolling Stone

Louis DeJoy was brought on board by Trump to deliberately sabotage mail-in ballots. He failed that test but has managed to fuck up the United States Postal Service well beyond expectations for fuckupability.

I have a package sent from Northern California on December 10 on its way to my home in North Bay Village, FL. It is still in transit. NBV is an island in the middle of Biscayne Bay linked by draw bridges to Miami Beach to the east and Miami to the west. But I digress.

Here is the joyful itinerary of my package:

  1. December 10, 2020: Package arrives at regional facility in Chino, CA.
  2. December 27, 2020: It takes 17 days for my package to arrive in Memphis, TN. The distance is 1,763 miles. If you are playing at home it progressed at 100 miles per day; just over 4 MPH which is comparable to a chain of healthy adults walking.
  3. January 4, 2021: My package has gone from Memphis, TN to Sacramento, CA or another 2,085 miles. Chino to Sacramento is only 450 miles (vs. 3,848 miles).

My package still has to travel another 3,100 miles for a total of about 7,000 miles. That’s just a bit less than the distance (eastward) of New York City to New Delhi, India.

What makes it all the more infuriating is that these are civil servants, immune to criticism and even discipline. It is likely that no one gives a rat’s ass.

Donald Trump has reverse Midas touch. Everything he touches turns to shit.

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