Kelsey Bolar
Kelsey Bolar

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Kelsey Bolar, senior policy analyst for for the far-right Independent Women’s Forum is very distressed. She is also not too bright.

According to Ms. Bolar (via American Family Association):

The policy analyst is also no fan of the Equality Act as it currently stands.

“We know there has been a long push on the left to really change what it means to be a biological female,” Bolar continues. “They want Americans to be able to identify by the gender not based on their biological sex but how they choose to identify, and this is a huge threat to girls and women in area of sports.

The above is wrong in numerous ways:

  1. Tolerance of transgender people and transgender accommodations does not “change what it means to be a biological female.” The minuscule percentage of the population that is transgender have no effect, whatsoever, on cisgender people.
  2. Transgender people do not “choose to identify” as anything. Gender identity is not a choice. If it were then there would likely be no transgender people since no one would choose to suffer from gender dysphoria.
  3. After careful study both the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee have determined that transgender women do not present a “huge threat to girls and women.” There is nothing which cannot be resolved through testing levels of testosterone either through blood tests or documentation of how long the athlete has been on testosterone suppressing (cross sex) hormones.

Athletics has become the proxy for attacking gender-diverse people and the Equality Act. The belief among conservative Christians, I think, is that this stratagem does not make them look bigoted. If that is their expectation then there is a failure of rationality on their part.

No one on the Christian right has asked two basic questions of people qualified to answer them:

  1. Do transgender girls have an unfair athletic advantage over cisgender girls?
  2. If so, what standards must be in place to eliminate that advantage?

They do not ask because they have no desire to resolve the issue.

Let us be clear. The denigration and disapproval of transgender persons has one — and only one — purpose which is to defend scripture.

I expect that the Equality Act will be signed into law this year. Workplace discrimination has already been resolved with the Supreme Court ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County. Among other things, the Equality Act would prohibit discrimination in public accommodations.

Service is not approval. No one solicits “their” approval. “They” deny service to demonstrate their disapproval. Religion does not compel anyone to discriminate.

Kelsey Bolar used to be with the Heritage Foundation. In 2019 she was promoting the same crap.

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