The religious right is preoccupied with transgender youth. Were they concerned for the welfare of trans and gender nonconforming kids they would not write the crap that they do write. Tuesday, Jonathon Van Maren writes There’s an industry to provide transgender kids with ‘accessories’ they weren’t born with.

In an effort to provide a sober rationale for his nonsense, Van Maren’s subtitle reads:

We must pay attention to these trends and what activists are saying — because one minute it is a trend, the next it is law, and finally, it is taught in the schools.

The above has no applicability whatsoever to Van Maren’s hateful treatise which is designed to embarrass trans youth. There is nothing pertinent to either write into law or teach in the schools.

What is upsetting this anti-LGBTQ bigot today is attire designed specifically for trans kids. Why this is worthy of his attention is anyone’s guess. Van Maren is a religious extremist with no regard for the welfare of LGBTQ children or adults. Van Maren’s transphobia is inspired by scripture.

Behold the batshit:

A short time ago, “transgender kids” was a phrase that marked you as one of those hysterical social conservatives who, when proven right, subsequently got called bigoted for pointing that out. Trans kids are so trendy these days that the hapless Elizabeth Warren promised she’d have one approve her Education Secretary, and President Joe Biden torched female athletics with a radical executive order that should jolt any of those gullible innocents who were sure he’d be a “moderate Democrat,” a long-extinct species hunted to death by zealous progressives.

Van Maren is full of crap. The religious right never uses, or has used, the term “transgender kids.” Just as they never use the term “gay people.” That verbiage implies that trans and gay humans actually exist.

In contrast they use the terms “gender confused children” and “same-sex attracted [men|women].” Alternatives include “a boy who identifies as a girl” and vice versa. Often it is “a biological [male|female] who identifies as …” According to religious doctrine no one is really gay or transgender.

There is nothing “trendy” about trans kids. No one volunteers to be transgender. People transition to mitigate the symptoms of incongruent gender.

It’s not easy — let alone “trendy” — to be a transgender or gender nonconforming minor. Some of their classmates have ignorant jerks (like Mr. Van Maren) for parents. Those kids subject trans kids to constant ridicule and debasement.

Suffice it to say that President Biden was very clear in his campaign for president that he would promote LGBTQ equality. Mr. Biden specifically said that he would do things like reverse Trump’s transgender military service ban. Biden also said that he would reinstate Obama era guidance regarding trans accommodations in the nation’s public schools.

Senator Warren does not have a secretary of education as she is not president. Whatever she promised in that regard became irrelevant when she dropped out of the race.

Van Maren wants to characterize transgender youth as out of the mainstream

Trans kids, of course, need accessories, since they weren’t born with the ones that fit the gender as which they wish to present. A cottage industry to service this need has popped up, with “packers” for girls who identify as boys to put in their underwear to mimic a penis (the sophisticated ones are advertised as capable of permitting gender dysphoric girls to pee standing up just like a real boy); binders, which girls can use to flatten their breasts and present as male prior to obtaining double mastectomies; and a wide range of carefully tailored apparel.

The intent of the above is to work in the reference to mastectomies which the religious set undoubtedly calls mutilation.
Never mind that minors are not generally candidates for surgery and, to the extent they are, they require the approval of parents and several clinicians. Van Maren is trying to suggest that trans boys make a whimsical decision.

This has one overall purpose: To demonstrate disapproval of gender-diverse kids. Van Maren and his ilk require the opportunity to display their contempt.

Later on (referring to a line of apparel):

Reading media coverage of the transgender kids trend always strikes me as particularly tragic. Today’s coverage is a good example of this, describing the creation of this new line as having “the specific goal of producing form-fitting clothing for transgender children up to a size 20. His first product: the Ruby Shaping Bikini Bottom.” In short: A bikini bottom that hides a penis. As Alexander’s website notes, these bikini bottoms “magically turn a pointy poker into a dainty dune, no tucking required.”

“Tragic” defines a grown man who is intent on marginalizing children he knows nothing about because those kids have a medical condition.

Not that Van Maren gives a shit but children with gender dysphoria suffer from depression and anxiety. The closer they can present as their gender, the less distress they experience. Research demonstrates that with family support and transitioning they have normal or near-normal levels of stress.

The welfare of children is irrelevant for Mr. Van Maren. He is a Defender of the Faith™. Van Maren has also been victimized:

One of the difficulties for social conservatives in the days ahead is that increasingly, conservatives and progressives no longer speak the same language. When we speak of normalcy, we are referring to something markedly different than trans activists. Their version of “normal” includes clothing lines that hide the presence of a penis; packers that mimic the presence of a penis; binders that disguise breasts; surgeries that create facsimile chest mounds.

What is abnormal is someone insisting that a medical condition should be treated according to religious dogma and with a complete disregard for science.

Just who are these evil “trans activists?” Are they the doctors who respect medical science? Are they the researchers who love kids enough to investigate their circumstances.

If caring about children is important; if wanting kids to be treated according to the best available medical science is important then count me in as one of those activists. Our society requires people who will push back when confronted with religious bullshit that is harmful to children.

Why would any rational human advocate for religious doctrine over medical science? Do they not understand the risk for self-harm when I kid is forced to not transition?

This is not normal, and we must resist every attempt to make it so. That is why we must pay attention to these trends and what these activists are saying — because one minute it is a trend, the next it is law, and finally, it is taught in the schools — and our children are swept along.

Thank you “Dr.” Van Maren. Which peer reviewed academic journals feature your insightful research? Where does such remarkable erudition come from? Jonathon Van Maren has a personality disorder. One that compels him to promote ignorance.

In the process he is arming equally moronic parents to indoctrinate their children with a message of intolerance which, in turn, ends up as mindless transphobic rhetoric that does real harm to their classmates.

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