Dr. Rachel Levine
Biden nominee, Dr. Rachel Levine. is being attacked on social media over her status as a transgender woman.

Fair warning.

Twitter has given Focus on the Family a “time out.”

Many of us in the LGBTQ community are reviewing social media. If you want to attack Dr. Rachel Levine’s qualifications — have at it. However, if you want to gratuitously denigrate Dr. Levine because she happens to be a transgender woman, we will ask Twitter et al to enforce their Terms of Service.

Dr. Levine never raised her hand to be the object of ridicule. She is mitigating the effects of a medical condition.

If you refer to Dr. Levine as “a man who identifies as a woman,” you are going to have problems. If you refer to Dr. Levine as “gender confused,” you are going to have a problem. If you are offensive we will react to protect the LGBTQ community’s children.

A few weeks ago I was profane in response to a conservative Christian’s tweet. His response was: “Children are listening.” Well, I say the same to you. When you attempt to marginalize transgender folks that eventually makes its way to gender-diverse kids.

They are already vulnerable and fragile. None of them volunteered to be trans or gender nonconforming. The LGBTQ community is not going to put up with it. Most of us are cisgender but we will protect our transgender brothers and sisters.

You’ve been warned. All we want is for you behave like civilized human beings. Is that really too much to ask for?

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