Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins

Yet another example of precisely why Family Research Council is designated a hate group.

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins of Family Research Council is dishonestly raising money off of the Equality Act. Fleecing the faithful might be beneficial for us. However, fleecing the faithful through bigotry promotes intolerance and discord.

According to the moneybeg:

With the new Biden-Harris administration and Congress underway in Washington, we’re running out of time to stop the radical Equality Act.

If passed, it would overhaul our federal civil rights framework to mandate special privileges for sexual orientation and gender identity…

Perkins pays considerable attention to gender identity issues for shock value. His claims are untrue and transgender people are a miniscule 0.6% of the population.

As for special privileges, there is an item that I cannot write about today (stay tuned) and literalist Christianity is clearly a choice. Neither gender identity nor sexual orientation are choices regardless of how often Perkins and his ilk say otherwise for convenience.

Christian privilege is very much a reality for Mr. Perkins. His sense of entitlement extends to a self-conceived “right” to violate applicable laws that he does not like.

So do not dare tell us that protection from discrimination based upon gender identity and sexual orientation amounts to “special privileges.”

There is a reason that the Southern Poverty Law Center labels Family Research Council a “hate group.” This is just one more example (of many in support of that designation).

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