National Organization for Marriage
“Transgender people pose a significant danger to society. However, if you send us enough money Earth will not spin off its axis.”

Perhaps we should put a price tag on religious extremism.

I received a new missive from Brian S. Brown on behalf of National Organization for Marriage titled: gender ideology costs billions…. Brown likes all lower case with a gratuitous “…” .

“Gender ideology is” is a construct of religious extremists. The intent is to dishonestly relegate gender identity to a philosophy, secular dogma or a doctrine. They do so in defense of scripture. It is equivalent to insisting that 2 + 2 = 5.

The science on gender identity and gender incongruence conflicts with Brown’s fanciful notions. It includes:

Over the last few decades, understanding of gender identity has rapidly expanded. Considerable scientific evidence has emerged demonstrating a durable biological element underlying gender identity. There do not seem to be external forces that genuinely cause individuals to change gender identity.

It is almost amusing that adherents to an ideology would assign an ideology to a medical condition.Yet there is nothing amusing about the dishonest promotion of a meme that underpins bigotry.

We need to come to terms with the fact that Mr. Brown is very influential in some circles. Members of the LGBTQ community, our allies and clinicians continue to push back. 

Dr. Jack Turban (a Stanford fellow via Harvard) has made a difference by going to mainstream media to correct some of the bullshit. Dr. Turban has also published a considerable volume of research to prominent academic journals with robust peer review. A number of clinicians are informing the public of scientific truths regarding gender identity.

It is important. Aside from the bigotry there is a pervasive movement by state legislatures to ban gender-affirming care for children. Were one of these measures successful, kids would die. It’s just that simple. But I digress.

Getting back to Mr. Brown’s email

Brown’s missive is extremely verbose. I cannot find a reasonable argument or evidence that transgender people “cost billions …” . Brown’s core argument seems to be:

Dear         —As you are no doubt aware by now, President Joe Biden has adopted a full-on embrace of gender ideology – the ridiculous notion that a person’s sex is determined by “gender identity,” which means emotions and feelings, and not by biology. This would be just another discredited chapter in the left’s saga of identity politics were it not for this: American taxpayers will be on the hook for billions of costs to facilitate the desires of gender-confused individuals who declare themselves to be “transgender.”

Well, medical science seems wed to a “ridiculous notion.” Science is based on evidence. This is not a political issue anymore than the treatment of any other medical condition.

You all know the intent of this preposterous hyperbole:

National Organization for Marriage

I feel compelled to wonder: What does any of this nonsense have to do with marriage? I also wonder if people continue to be stupid enough to donate to NOM.

Fred Karger has identified one of NOM’s major donors. I have been going through to tax returns and will post that information shortly. Brian S. Brown is about to have a shit fit.

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