Brian S. Brown

Apparently evil LGBTQ activists are responsible for turning kids trans.

We used to turn kids into raving homosexual creatures but that accusation is out of fashion. It has been retooled. Now we are turning kids into transgender youth. Exactly why we would do so will remain a mystery.

Brian S. Brown has sent out a new moneybeg for International Organization for the Family, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. Brown starts off by recounting how gay activists “glittered” homophobes — including Brown. People did in fact do so.

It was a perfectly harmless means of demonstrating contempt for odious people engaged in odious behavior. It pales in comparison to denying people service in public accommodations or denying opportunity in the workplace based upon sexual orientation and gender identity. It is also nowhere near the harmfulness of intentionally misgendering someone.


Tragically, LGBT activists have now advanced far past the sophomoric and merely mean. Many of them are now engaged in wicked, vile behavior to lure children into the transgender lifestyle, actively encouraging them to leave their families and join a “glitter family.”

I presumed to know a great deal more about gender-diverse people than Brian S. Brown. Yet I have no clue what a “glitter family is.” In any event, the accusation is absurd per se.

No one can influence a child to suffer with gender dysphoria. No child wants to suffer from gender dysphoria. No child volunteers to be the object of ridicule by becoming transgender.

Religious conservatives like Abigail Shrier claim that kids think that being transgender is cool. She needs to make that ridiculous claim in order to assert even more ridiculously that being transgender is contagious.

It used to be “lure children into the homosexual lifestyle.” It was a staple of fundamentalist Christian pastors for decades. As I said, that’s no longer in vogue so it has been refined to smear transgender people. There is no such thing as a transgender lifestyle.

Transgender people are as diverse in lifestyle choices as cisgender people are. Dr. Sari Reisner at Harvard and Dr. Rachel Levine have little in common with Caitlyn Jenner. Attacking a minority group is easier through the suggestion that its members are all the same.

The point of this rubbish is obvious. IOF is going to battle a nonexistent problem if only people send them enough money to do so.

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