This goes into the Give Me a Fucking Break category.

Breitbart’s Warner Todd Huston is terribly distraught that the above cartoon includes:

Blues Clues & You, the long-running children’s show on the Nickelodeon cable network, is pushing LGBTQ pride with an alphabet video and song titled “ABC Song with Blue!”

Just consider Mr. Huston’s dedication. How many cartoons did he have to watch to come up with this “offense?” And just what is wrong with promoting LGBTQ pride in the first place? Does Huston’s bigotry extend to the idea that this is going to turn kids gay or transgender?

Or is Huston’s dyspepsia born of the fear that things like this normalize sexual diversity? Sexual orientation and gender identity are continua. Every point of intersection expresses a perfectly normal variant of human sexuality.

Mr. Huston seems to know more than I do

The tune, sung by Blue, the show’s cartoon dog (voiced by Traci Paige Johnson), features the alphabet with ideas and words assigned to each letter. But once the song gets to the letter P, the LGBTQ agenda is shoehorned into the lyrics. “P,” the song tells kids, “is full of Pride.” To underscore that the lyrics pertain to the LGBTQ agenda, the rainbow pride flag appears on the screen. But the rainbow flag is not the only one that appears on screen.

Here is where Huston’s LGBTQ “erudition” really pays off:

The screen also fills with flags representing other pride causes including the Trans community, asexual community, pansexual community, intersex community, gender-fluid community, and others.

The least he could do is to tell us which flag supposedly represents which community. I confess that I have no clue.

Apparently we are “R” rated; possibly “X”

Joining a “strong push” to add transgender and gay storylines to G-rated shows in an effort to normalize LGTBQ characters in kid’s shows, Nickelodeon became directly involved in encouraging LGBTQ stories by asking the gay advocacy group GLAAD to get involved in the series’ production, Entertainment Weekly reported in 2019.

Warner Todd Huston is doing what bigots often do. Huston is suggesting that the presence of LGBTQ people or just knowledge of the existence of LGBTQ people poses a danger to children.

“Normaliz[ing]” LGBTQ people usually means encouraging children to be gay or transgender. So much for respect of medical science.

Warner Todd Huston has not had a real job in 11 years. Having attended a two-year college Huston’s last job was as the second shift manager of the electronic pre-press department at Berlin Industries which is an old line bookbinding operation. That ended in 2010.

Writing for Breitbart is not exactly a real job. Huston works out of his home in the Chicago area which means no structure and no day-to-day interpersonal skills required.

Yeah, that is argument ad hominem. It is well deserved. Nickelodeon is promoting love. Huston is promoting hate. Who has the sinister agenda?

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