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Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) has re-introduced the Equality Act (his fourth time doing so). Religious conservatives are apoplectic over the likelihood of passage which is being promoted by President Biden.

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One day after re-introduction of the Equality Act in the House was all that was required for Brian S. Brown to have a shit fit over the curtailment of discrimination.

As expected Brown doesn’t like the measure

“Oh the peril we are in:”

Late yesterday, Rep. David Cicilline, a homosexual member of the U.S. House from Rhode Island, announced on Twitter that he has once again introduced the grossly-misnamed “Equality Act.” The language of the bill was not available for review as of this writing, nor has the list of co-sponsors been released. But if this year’s version is the same as previous versions, it will represent the most dangerous legislative threat that marriage supporters and people of faith have ever faced in terms of the LGBT agenda. Even more concerning, the political dynamics this year are such that the prospects of the bill passing and becoming law are better than ever.

Rep. Cicilline is a congressman who happens to be gay. The bigoted Mr. Brown seeks to define the congressman by his sexual orientation. There is much more to Rep. Cicilline than his sexuality. There are nine openly gay House members — only 2% of the chamber. Cicilline has introduced the Equality Act four times; in 2015, 2017, 2019 and now in 2021. In 2019, with a Democratically controlled House, the bill passed and was then put to sleep by Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

Mr. Brown’s constituency is not comprised of “marriage supporters.” Rather, the people who support NOM have religious beliefs which cause them to disapprove of LGBTQ persons.

The Equality Act will amend the Civil Right Act of 1964 making sexual orientation and gender identity protected classes. What Brown is saying is that Christian conservatives are required to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Denying them that right is religious discrimination.

Were Brown correct then Christian conservatives would be similarly required to discriminate against Muslims, Jewish people and any others who do not accept Jesus Christ as “lord and savior.” Many of Brown’s supports are likely to disapprove of non-Christians but haven’t the temerity to promote their displeasure.

Send us MONEY!

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We must get ready for a gigantic fight in Congress to prevent this legislation from passing. This will be the toughest legislative fight we’ve ever waged in Congress. Rep. Cicilline will have the support of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Biden has said publicly that the proposed law is his top legislative priority. To prevail, it’s imperative that we raise the resources we need to mount an all-out campaign to defeat the legislation. I am asking every NOM member to make a sacrificial gift today, that will be instantly matched thanks to the 2021 Membership Campaign that is going on now. Can I count on your support?

NOM does not have “members.” It is not a membership organization. NOM has people suckers who, from time to time, contribute money. What will NOM do with that money? In the past, NOM has seemingly diverted donor funds to illicitly line Brian S. Brown’s pockets. As chairman of NOM, John Eastman benefited from inflated legal fees which constituted — at the very least — a conflict of interest.

What NOM won’t do with donor funds is have much of an effect on the passage of the Equality Act. It will certainly pass the House again. In the Senate, if necessary, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will maneuver passage through reconciliation if necessary (avoiding a Republican filibuster. It is quite possible that they already have the 60 votes necessary, eliminating the need for parliamentary schemes.

NOM has succeeded only one time with the 2008 passage of Californial Proposition 8. That turned out to be a temporary victory which the Supreme Court nullified in 2013.

Personally, I think this cake is baked (irony intended). NOM’s faxes and emails are not going to make a difference. They will call on supporters to contact their representatives and senators. The Human Rights Campaign and other organizations with more money and talent than NOM will do the same thing.

HRC is unlikely to convince Crazy Louie Gohmert or Batshit Ted Cruz to support the measure. They do not have to in order to succeed.

The U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops, for which NOM is often a proxy, will attempt to exert as much pressure as they can but the effect is probably limited. President Biden is an observant Catholic. He believes that he is compelled not to impose religious beliefs on our citizenry. That was the clear intent of our nation’s founders. Do not forget that prior to the ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, the percentage of American Catholics who supported marriage equality was greater than the general public.

President Biden issued a formal statement today, Friday, from the White House. The statement lauds Congressman David Cicilline by name.

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