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Family Policy Alliance is the political wing of Focus on the Family. Monday their Meridian Baldacci writes: America’s Children Need YOU. “YOU” being conservative Christians who do not approve of LGBTQ people.

According to Ms. Baldacci:

When children are struggling to embrace their biological sex, they are pushed to pursue cross-sex hormones and sterilizing surgery to “transition” to living as the opposite sex – advice that minimizes the dangerous long-term effects of such a decision and shuts out alternatives.

Gender incongruent children do not struggle to “embrace their biological sex.” They struggle when some people do not treat them according to their gender. It is a scientific fact that when natal sex and gender are incongruent, gender prevails. Were that not the case then gender dysphoria would not exist.

Furthermore, children are never “pushed” to transition. Children with gender dysphoria are inexorably drawn to transition. They transition because doing so offers relief from the anxiety and depression associated with gender dysphoria. The notion that they are following advice is idiotic.

Baldacci cites (in the above quote) “long term effects” in the abstract. What is she talking about? Baldacci suggests that there are “alternatives” to transitioning. Only the most acutely affected kids transition in the first place. What? Ms. Baldacci proposes to talk them out of their gender dysphoria?

Children are not candidates for gender confirmation surgery. That’s just hyperbolic BS.

More dishonesty

Children waiting for foster and adoptive homes must wait even longer because a local foster agency was forced to shut its doors. Why? Because it declined to support these same dangerous surgeries for children.

First of all the number of potential foster and adoptive parents is in no way proportionate to the number of agencies contracted to do that work on behalf of the state. Agencies are assigned children, not parents. An agency could not have declined to “support … surgeries for children” because those surgeries do not exist.


Not only are these issues occurring in individual states, but the federal Equality Act – which the U.S. House is poised to vote on next week – will use the full power of federal government to enshrine many of these practices across the nation.

The Equality Act will have no effect on medical treatment. Baldacci is making it up as she goes along.

Anti-LGBTQ activism

It makes no sense, and I’ve had enough. Have you?

These and other concerning realities are behind a new initiative that we’re thrilled to share with you. We’ve joined forces with The Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, and 50 other state and national organizations to create the Promise to America’s Children.

The Promise is our pledge to protect America’s children – mind, bodies, and hearts. It’s a personal pledge to the children in our lives that we will protect them. And it’s a pledge to children across the nation that we will fight for their innocence and protect them from harm.

If these religious fanatics really wanted to “protect America’s children” then they would stop trying to conform medical science to scripture and religious dogma. They would accept kids for who they are. The part of the Promise to America’s Children that is for policy makers provides a compendium of religious crackpottery.

I certainly agree with Baldacci. If she has “had enough” of evidence based science then that should be determinative of how doctors treat a medical condition. I am sure that, in addition to having a BA from Patrick Henry College, she is a board-certified physician in a related field.

The problem with many of these people is that they have never done anything outside of the conservative Christian bubble. Baldacci has a degree from a Christian college closely connected to the Home School Legal Defense Association. Her entire work history is with Christian organizations including a three-year stint at Heritage.

These folks are rewarded for their lack of intellectual curiosity and nonexistent critical thinking as long as they conform to literalist scripture. It is unfortunate that no adult had sufficient influence to make sure that Meridian Baldacci attended a college with a more secular environment.

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