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According to Family Research Council, Ryan T. Anderson’s transphobic book is no longer being sold by Amazon.com:

Ryan Anderson didn’t even know his book had been pulled. There was no warning, no notification from Amazon that the title had been removed. A reader tipped him off when he tried to buy a copy and couldn’t. That’s strange, Ryan thought, logging on to Amazon to see for himself. Sure enough — his bright blue and pink book cover, When Harry Became Sally, had been replaced with a message: this is no longer a functioning page. Because at Amazon, free speech is no longer a functioning principle.

Oh the poor dear. Amazon.com has every right to establish a criteria for the books that it sells. Bigoted anti-LGBTQ religious works masked as science are at peril of being removed from Amazon’s virtual shelves.

As for free speech, I doubt that Christianbook.com would have any interest in vending a collection of essays explaining the science of gender incongruence and the scientific realities of being transgender. Admittedly that is an exaggerated comparison but the principle is the same for both outlets.

I have many issues with this book because it promotes misinformation about transgender people. The book is propaganda. The simple fact is that Anderson wrote this thing to defend the teachings of the Catholic Church. Anderson dishonestly obfuscated his motivation.

Furthermore, Mr. Anderson would have you believe that he is an expert regarding gender dysphoria. Mr. Anderson was a music major who obtained a PhD in philosophy from Notre Dame. Anderson is wholly unqualified to pontificate about gender dysphoria, gender identity and the state of being transgender.

I am similarly unqualified. However I make no claims to the contrary and what I write is always consistent with the consensus of medical science. Furthermore, I do not have an unrelated agenda. I write about transgender youth and adults whose struggles are created in part by people like Ryan T. Anderson who promote fiction.

In addition to promoting pseudoscience, Anderson has promoted the idea that being transgender is a philosophy. One that can be dissected and analyzed. This is consistent with Pope Francis’ nomenclature. The pope began with “gender theory” and it morphed into “gender ideology.”

Suffice it to say that being transgender is not a doctrine. It is a means of mitigating the effects of a medical condition that can cause significant distress.

Ryan T. Anderson claims that there is an alternative to being transgender. Anderson advocates talk therapy. Aside from his lack of credentials he has failed to appreciate the research. Talk therapy would have to have the effect of changing someone’s gender identity.

These efforts are futile and harmful. Exposure to gender identity conversion efforts creates lifelong adverse mental health consequences.

There is more from Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins:

“I hope you’ve already bought your copy,” Ryan tweeted Sunday, breaking the news. “Given the aggressive push on trans policies coming from the Biden administration, now is a great time to read it… before you no longer can.” Conservatives, liberals, and even transgender activists were stunned at the latest cancel culture victim. “Jeff Bezos will sell you Hitler’s autobiography, because he correctly trusts readers to understand that malignant book,” Rod Dreher shook his head. “But he will not sell you a book by the head of a major American think tank, making an argument critical of gender ideology, because… Why?”

“Cancel culture?” I am reminded that both Ryan T. Anderson and Tony Perkins have blocked me (cancelled me) on twitter. Ryan T. Anderson is not a “cancel culture victim.”

Among real victims are gender-diverse kids whose parents believed Ryan T. Anderson’s bullshit because they wanted to believe Ryan T. Anderson’s bullshit. Even progressive parents would prefer to have cisgender children because they know that a trans child will be the object of ridicule and prejudice. And just who is
responsible for that ridicule and prejudice

I often read Rod Dreher (quoted above) because he is usually intellectually honest; at least when he is not defending the Catholic Church. Dreher’s “whatabout” comparison to Mein Kampf is ludicrous. While it might inspire the lunatic fringe it poses no mainstream threat to society.

Anderson’s book, on the other hand, intends to misinform mainstream society. It is bigotry on behalf of religious dogma which has the potential to do great harm to an oppressed minority. Overall, it promotes the idea that transgender people have made very bad choices. As such, they are not entitled accommodations or equality. Anderson is advocating toxic prejudice

Anderson projects false compassion for people with gender dysphoria. Whatever empathy Ryan T. Anderson has for people with that condition evaporates when those same people transition in order to obtain the only relief to their acute distress that is available to them. Anderson does not approve of transgender folks because the Catholic Church teaches that they do not really exist.

The combination of severe depression with intense anxiety is lethal. Add minority stress to the equation and the result is people who are utterly miserable and prone to self-harm. And just who are the manufacturers of minority stress?

In the final analysis, Ryan T. Anderson has written a book that is dishonest, bigoted and harmful. Amazon.com has used its best judgment in refusing to sell it.

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