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The size of our community is irrelevant to the fact that we are entitled to equal protection and due process. We demand nothing less and we want nothing more.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 5.6% of the adult population is estimated to be L,G,B or T. That is an increase from 4.5% in 2017. Five years prior, in 2012, the estimate was 3.5%.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are not contagious. Nor are they subject to the influence of others.

I was careful in the wording of my headline. The percentage of people who are gay probably remains unchanged over decades. The percentage of people who suffer from gender incongruence remains unchanged as well.

However, more people are willing to admit that they are gay and to live their romantic lives accordingly. For the most part, the shame is gone except among the lunatic fringe.

More people are also willing to transition in order to alleviate the symptoms of gender dysphoria. That means that more people are unwilling to suffer from a medical condition when relief is at hand.

Unfortunately, trans folks still suffer from the bigotry of others and the unwillingness of some people to accept their neighbors who are different. Some people actually go out of their way to demonstrate their disapproval by intentionally misgendering transgender persons.

That, too, will change over time. Tolerance for gay people has improved due to the fact that people increasingly accept the fact that sexual orientation is not a choice and that conversion therapy is crackpottery.

The acceptance of transgender people will undoubtedly improve as more people will embrace the simple truth that people are transgender to mitigate the effects of a medical condition.

The percentage of the population that is LGBT is irrelevant.

Whether we constitute 1% of the population or 10% of the population, one simple fact remains. We are entitled to equal protection and due process. We demand nothing less and want nothing more.

The Equality Act is a good start. I am proud of the fact that many of my fellow gay people are supporting the transgender part of our community. In terms of tolerance, transgender people are where we were at 20 years ago. “It gets better!”

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