Brian W. Harrison

At one time, owning other people was “natural moral law.”

Brian W. Harrison, a Catholic priest, doesn’t care very much for gay people. I do not particularly care for him. Harrison, by the way, happens to be a Young Earth Creationist (which is rare among Catholics).

Young Earth Creationists hold that Earth and all living things were created by the supernatural acts of a deity 6,000 to 10,000 years ago. According to indisputable science, the universe is around 13.8 billion years old. Earth and the solar system were created about 4.6 billion years ago.

I mention this fact because once someone accepts this form of creationism they abandon the validity of evidence. Therefore, objective truth no longer exists. And it shows.

Harrison’s subject du jour is whether or not parents should attend their child’s same-sex wedding. Fr. Harrison attempts to temper his disapproval by expanding it to “invalid” heterosexual weddings where one of the spouses is divorced.

At one point, quoting another priest, Harrison ponders if it is acceptable to attend the wedding to prevent fracturing the family but making sure that the parents’ disapproval is delivered.

Yeah. That’s a great idea. “I came to support you but your homosexual marriage is an offense to me and an offense to God.” If someone did that to me those are the very last words that I would even hear from them as they were escorted out of my reception.

Father Harrison has presumably consumed the Kool-Aid. He believes that gay people are “objectively disordered,” medical science be damned. It is reasonable to ponder whether or not this reflects the priest’s insecurity over his own sexuality.

Here is where Harrison’s projections “shine:”

At this moment, in education, politics, law, commerce, entertainment and the media, there is a highly organized, vitriolic and increasingly intolerant ‘LGBTQ’ campaign against anyone who dares to criticize the homosexual lifestyle. And if attendance at same-sex weddings becomes accepted within the Catholic Church, those believers who continue speaking truth to power on this issue will only find themselves ever more rigorously marginalized, excluded, and penalized as “haters,” “bigots,” and “homophobes.”

Oh, we are intolerant and there is a conspiracy. Aside from the fact that sexual orientation is not a “lifestyle,” what makes this idiot think that is it acceptable to criticize someone’s sexual orientation? What licenses Harrison to offer toxic advice on family relationships?

Furthermore, the good father fails to separate beliefs from behavior. If he believes that I am destined for Hell for being Jewish that’s his right. When he shouts that same nonsense in order to affect the behavior of others then he is a bigot.

In this case he is shouting so that other people will place his belief system above the absolute moral requirement to love and honor family.

Harrison expresses the notion that it is important, not just to withhold approval, but to vividly demonstrate disapproval. That constitutes a deliberate “fuck you” to family and it should be unthinkable to do so.

Moreover, there is not some grand conspiracy at work “in education, politics, law, commerce, entertainment and the media.” While Father Harrison is busy getting carpet burns on his knuckles, society increasingly realizes that sexual orientation is not a choice.

More people understand the dynamic of the sexual orientation continuum. More people accept the scientific fact that every expression of sexual orientation is a natural variant of human sexuality.

Conservative Christians, particularly conservative Catholics, embrace natural law. The problem with that is that their understanding of what is — and what is not — natural is based on ancient texts of dubious provenance written at a time when storms and other phenomena were believed to be an expression of a deity’s anger.

If the deity is pissed off then someone must be to blame and that someone must be punished. People were burned, tortured and agonized in every conceivable way to supposedly sate the deity. Some people were employed to devise and inflict methods of making people suffer.

The next severe storm (or even an eclipse) must be the result of new offense. More people need to be punished even though they could not establish a causal relationship to the punishment (or worship for that matter) and the conditions present in their environment.

Later on the good father writes:

In short, now that powerful elites in the giant corporations, the media, federal and state governments, Hollywood and Silicon Valley are becoming ever more hostile to biblical teaching and the natural moral law in matters of the Fifth and Sixth Commandments, this is a time to be courageously counter-cultural by resisting in word and deed the relentless pressure to “make gay OK.”

As I said, behavior intended to affect the behavior of others to be indecent to their neighbors is bigotry. The paragraph above is just that.

Harrison spouts “natural moral law” as if he has a monopoly on determining what that is.

Morality is perhaps best defined by how we treat others. Natural law seems to mean whatever some clerics claim that it means. Not distant from that passage in Leviticus that is used to vilify homosexuality, is this:

Your male and female slaves are to come from the nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.

Leviticus 25:44

At one time, owning other people was “natural moral law.”

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