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Charles Snow is an ADF propagandist

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Arriving in my email on Saturday from Alliance Defending Freedom is a missive titled: ACLU Debunked! The real facts about men in women’s sports. This, in turn, leads to a polemic bearing the same title. The author of this preposterous essay is Charles Snow.

Over the years I have known only one intellectually honest individual with ADF … and he is no longer there. All ADF tells us about Mr. Snow is that he is a Tennessee native and he likes basketball. Snow is probably not a lawyer (he does not have a Tennessee law license).

What Mr. Snow is attempting to debunk is an April, 2020 article titled Four Myths About Trans Athletes, Debunked. The article’s authors are Chase Strangio and Gabriel Arkles. I am not familiar with Mr. Arkles but Chase Strangio has always impressed me as a smart and truthful guy.

This does get tedious. The same idiotic, half-baked arguments are repeated over and over and over again. ADF’s culture is defined, in part, by dishonesty in Jesus’ name. Its diatribes often highlight the absence of a respectable secular argument.

According to Mr. Snow:

FACT: No amount of testosterone suppression can undo a male’s athletic advantage.

Biological males possess significant physical advantages over females in sports. Suppressing their testosterone doesn’t make their bodies or their hearts smaller, diminish their greater lung capacity, or weaken their bones.

Denying that fact hurts female athletes.

The link is to an article originally published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. I have written about this before. In short strokes the study subjects averaged 26 years of age and began testosterone suppression as adults. They had already developed masculine muscle mass.

A trans girl competing in high school athletics is likely to have begun transition with puberty blockers as they entered puberty (Tanner stage 2) and then cross-sex hormones. They have never developed and will never develop masculine anatomical advantages. I have written more on this topic in regards to the NCAA policy which has been in place, without controversy, for over ten years.

Does anyone really believe that ADF, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is interested in fairness for high school athletes? This is about defending scripture (Genesis 1:27).

That is what all this fuss is about. Trans girls competing in high school athletics are a minuscule population. The vast majority of cisgender girls will never compete against a trans girl. The folks at ADF are biblical literalists. They are offended by the very existence of LGBTQ persons.

Returning to the Snow:

FACT: Female athletes lose when they’re forced to compete against males.

The ACLU claims that male athletes competing against female athletes benefits everyone. In Connecticut, state titles and state records indicate otherwise. Two males won 15 women’s state championship titles and set 17 new records in just three years.

… high school male athletes have recorded faster times than Olympic-level female athletes. For example, Allyson Felix is the “most successful female track athlete” of all time. According to researchers, her personal best in the 400 meters is 49.26 seconds. In 2017 alone, “men and boys around the world outperformed her more than 15,000 times.”

So far every attempt to provide evidence by many conservative Christian pressure groups has involved only one state: Connecticut. Does that not suggest that those athletes might simply be better at track and field regardless of the fact that they are transgender? Were this a legitimate issue, we would see data from more than one state.

The source for Snow’s second paragraph, above, is a series of tweets attributed to @boysvswomen.

The actual tweeter (Jake Teater of Tremont, IL) has compared cisgender males to females. It is entirely irrelevant. A legitimate comparison would be of transgender females to cisgender females. Teater, by the way, seems to be an adolescent living with his parents who run a home-based waste disposal business.

I have made no effort to determine the accuracy of the data that Teater presents because it is irrelevant. If the transphobic account is still up on Wednesday I will send a second complaint to Twitter. But I digress.

As I pointed out, the NCAA’s advisors stated:

Transgender student-athletes fall within the spectrum of physical traits found in athletes of their transitioned gender, allowing them to compete fairly and equitably.

Neither Charles Snow nor our waste-disposer-in-training are in a position to dispute the above. They have no evidence to support a contrary point of view.

By the way, my “doxing” Jake Teater was a byproduct of investigating whether the Twitter account belonged to ADF. It is rather astonishing how ADF becomes aware of anything remotely supporting its transphobia.

FACT: Biology, not gender identity, influences competition.

I will spare you the accompanying drivel which is based on Snow’s previous incorrect assumptions. This time Mr. Snow is unintentionally correct. Trans girls do not have a biological advantage over cisgender girls. If Snow has any evidence to the contrary, he has not presented it.

Considering the facts cited above, it’s most fair for sports teams to be divided along biological lines, not gender identity.

I think that Mr. Strangio, who is a lawyer, would object in court: “Assumes facts not in evidence.” Fair? Do these people consider, even for a second, what is fair for an oppressed and vulnerable minority? Every day, ADF promotes unfairness because they disapprove of LGBTQ people.

The transphobic Christian pressure groups are using athletics as a pretext to demonstrate disapproval of transgender persons. The folks running these groups are wed to the notion that transgender people do not really exist. It follows that an effort to debunk the ACLU turns out to be baloney.

The problem, of course, is that — due to confirmation bias — ADF’s constituency likes baloney. With or without mustard. As the mythology spreads it does actual harm to LGBTQ people who are already vulnerable.

I have written recently about a number of states seeking to outlaw trans participation in sports. Doing so would deny them the full educational experience they deserve. ADF is perfectly willing to do harm to a minority group of children in their quest to conform their world to Christian doctrine.

That doesn’t seem to be very “Christian” of them.

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