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“Sanctimoniously lying is very special for some people”

Family Policy Alliance is the political wing of Focus on the Family. Once again, FPA’s Meridian Baldacci is lying her ass off about LGBTQ people. Lies about a minority group are a smear. The self-righteous set is very tolerant of mendacity.

According to Ms. Baldacci: ALERT: Biden and Harris ERASE Women. The suggestion is that the presence of transgender people has some sinister effect on cisgender women.

Baldacci, who seems to be a conservative Catholic, arrives at that conclusion because she does not approve of transgender folks. In fact Baldacci pretends that trans people don’t really exist. People who transition are “confused” individuals who have made some very poor choices.

Meridian Baldacci has some very weird notions over what is factual:

The LGBT Czars

Last year, during the Presidential debates, we wrote to you about Kamala Harris’s policy dreams, including establishing a White House LGBT czar. Dubbed the “Chief Advocate for LGBTQ+ Affairs”, this individual would work with agencies throughout the federal government to advance the LGBT agenda.

Today, Vice President Harris got her wish – or some version of it. Biden’s first order establishes a “Gender Policy Council”.

[ …]

Leading officials and cabinet members from across the Administration will be required to participate. In education, health care, housing, and even foreign policy, the Biden Administration will use taxpayer dollars to advance the transgender agenda and “reproductive…rights” (read: abortion).

The Gender Policy Council is principally about women’s rights. The fact that it also recognizes that people should not be discriminated against because of their gender identity does not constitute a body of “LGBT Czars.”

Quoting from the White House press release:

[The council shall] combat systemic biases and discrimination, including sexual harassment, and to support women’s human rights

Women constitute about 50% of the population. Transgender women constitute about 0.3% of the population. The fact that the administration accepts the scientific fact that trans women are women does not “ERASE women.”

In fact, even if transgender women comprised a much larger percentage of the population they would not affect cisgender women in any meaningful way. It’s not a zero-sum proposition.

In other words: Meridian, get a grip on your bigoted hyperbole.

If there is such a thing as the “transgender agenda” it is to be treated with civility and decency in spite of conservative religious disapproval. Our own very conservative Supreme Court has ruled that workplace discrimination on the basis of gender identity is illegal.

As for reproductive rights, the last time I checked Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land in spite of Red State efforts to restrict access. All that those states have accomplished is for women to drive across state lines to get abortions

Keep in mind just how minuscule the transgender population is as you read (emphasis per original):

According to the new Council’s co-chair, “We are very inclusive in our definition of gender.” That’s code for “men can be women, too.”

On International Women’s Day, the President has created a Council that ERASES women.

But that’s not the only Executive Order erasing women. The second order redefines “sex” in Title IX.

Indeed, science and polite society (and the Supreme Court) are in accord. Trans women have every right to be treated as, well, women. That doesn’t “erase” anyone. No one has “redefined sex.” Saying otherwise is just idiotic.

… today, President Biden redefined sex in Title IX to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This change will affect schools across the nation. Practically, it means that if a male declares that he feels he is a female, he will likely be allowed to…

That is followed by the usual litany of consequences including the demonstrably false premise that trans women pose a peril to cisgender women. The spectacular stupidity at work is just mind boggling.

Does Baldacci think that gender identity is some whimsical choice? Perhaps the intended inference is that people will pretend to be transgender women as part of a nefarious agenda. Has that ever happened?

Again 50% of the population are women. 0.3% of the population are transgender women. Religious zeal creates crazy exaggerations and limitless dishonesty:

In other words, on a day meant to honor women, President Biden signed two executive orders that ERASE women, even handing women’s opportunities to biological men.

Apparently women have important rights, … except when it comes to their own bodies.

Meridian Baldacci’s problem is that she lives in an uncritical bubble. She can make profoundly stupid — even insane — statements and receive a considerable amount of affirmation.

The affirmation will occur as long as Baldacci follows the rules. LGBTQ people and abortion are baaaaaad. Anything asserting the badness, no matter how nutty, is good.

Required rhetoric:

President Biden has been a strong proponent of the Equality Act, promising to sign it in his first 100 days in office. His release of these policies now could reflect his awareness that the American people are strongly pushing back against the Equality Act in the U.S. Senate – and that executive orders far outside the bounds of his authority may be his best attempt at advancing a radical political agenda.

Oh how awful! Restrictions on discrimination (mostly) in public accommodations! How can we survive without the ability to say: “We don’t serve your kind here?” Woe is us!!!

Since when is nondiscrimination part of a “radical political agenda?”

There’s that bubble at work again. “The American people” are not “strongly pushing back against the Equality Act.” Religious conservatives who claim a “right” to discriminate strongly oppose the Equality Act.

Absent from most of the rhetoric is any discussion of gay people including gay couples. The religious fanatics are pushing the gender identity issue because they think it has more traction. They are also falsely claiming that the Equality Act “would dramatically expand abortion access.”

They completely ignore the effect of the Equality Act on gay people because they know just how unpopular prejudice and discrimination are. They have a better chance — they believe — of convincing people that men will pretend to be transgender in order to rape women.

Sanctimoniously lying is very special for some people.

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