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Most Christians do not agree with Jenna Ellis who presumes to be the arbiter of what is moral. Prejudice is immoral. Dishonesty is immoral.

During CPAC Jenna Ellis gave an interview to hate-site LifeSiteNews. Ellis claimed that LGBT people have too much influence in conservative circles.

In August, 2020 Jenna Ellis intentionally mocked Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, as “this guy.”

Jealous? Dr. Levine is a board certified pediatrician who is a graduate of Harvard University. More importantly, while Ellis is out on her ass, Dr. Levine has been nominated to serve as an assistant secretary for health in the Biden administration.

In the way of background:

Jenna Ellis will never exactly light up the legal world. Ellis was one of the idiots who went around to various venues baselessly claiming that Trump won the 2020 election. Funny how she never produced any evidence.

Ellis tried to get lawmakers in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan to disregard the popular vote and unconstitutionally appoint pro-Trump electors. Why bother having an election? A lawyer for an incumbent candidate can decide things.

The last real job that Ellis held was as a deputy DA in Weld County, Colorado. Ellis managed to get canned in her first six months. Ellis lied about the circumstances in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

Mendacity seems to build creds among Christian fanatics. Ellis also had an assistant professorship in legal studies at a Christian college that has no law school.

According to the interview:

Ellis, a former senior legal adviser to former President Donald Trump who worked alongside Rudy Giuliani during the 2020 election fraud hearings, said that some conservatives are putting politics before the truths of the Bible.

Conservative (the Goldwater paradigm) used to mean strong on national defense and an advocate of small government. These days the word conservative often describes a Bible thumping Christian zealot whose only real interest is in ancient texts to which they are slavishly devoted and who insists that the Establishment Clause doesn’t mean what it means.

“I think that conservatives are trying sometimes to create too broad of a tent and trying to appeal to everyone so much that they don’t want to be offensive. But the truth is the truth …. as far as the transgender movement goes, there [are] only two genders. God made us male and female. Marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Well then the matters are settled by someone speaking for their deity. Ellis accepts — as incontrovertible truth — religious dogma irrespective of evidence to the contrary and the learned opinions of others.

As I said:

“Conservatives need to bring conservatism to the truth of God. Abby [Johnson] and I had a passion to deliver that message at the panel discussion today. There is truth and there is a definition of truth that has to come from the word of God and from Scripture.”

Sorry hon. Truth is defined by what can be supported through EVIDENCE. Remember, this is someone who baselessly claimed that Trump won the 2020 election with no evidence whatsoever.

That makes Ellis a liar, a moron or both.

Ellis also claimed in the interview that she works for the Thomas More Society. That’s not exactly true either. Ellis is listed as “special counsel” which means that she might be assigned to case for which she would be compensated or she might never be assigned to a case.

Further torturing the concept of truth:

“We can’t be in any way shy or in any way lacking courage and boldness to teach that truth,” she continued. “Even in the midst of some who call themselves conservatives, who call themselves Republicans, but are unwilling to stand firmly in that truth.”

Right! Be courageous in looking like an idiotic religious zealot. No fear!

Among Ellis’ stupid human tricks, she mocked an election law expert for being right. Then the Trump Campaign proved him right.

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