Walker Wildmon
American Family Association VP, Walker Wildmon has some very strange ideas about what the word “science” means.

via YouTube, 2018

Does the water in Mississippi cause stupidity or do I have a tainted sample of people?

Thursday, the essay is titled: WALKER WILDMON: Mississippi now leading when it comes to following science. The outlet for Wildmon’s incoherence is the Daily Journal out of Tupelo, Mississippi (one of the largest newspapers in the state).

Walker Wildmon, the grandson of American Family Association founder Don Wildmon, presumes to be an expert in human sexuality. That’s like saying that the average cucumber is an expert in evangelical Christian doctrine.

Speaking of the intellect of vegetables:

For years, Democratic politicians and liberal special interest groups have promoted confusion when it comes to human sexuality. They say that there is nothing unique about being a male or a female. They claim that someone who is born a male can somehow identify in his mind as female. This behavior once was considered gender dysphoria by medical professionals but is now being hailed as normal behavior.

No Walker. You are confused by medical science:

  1. No one — no one — claims “there is nothing unique about being a male or a female.” In fact the science regarding gender identity requires an understanding of, well, gender.
  2. Yes Walker. Some people have incongruent gender and natal sex. The construct of gender identity is settled science. Scientists have known — for over 100 years — that some people have gender incongruence.
  3. Incongruent gender is not a “behavior.” It is a medical condition and it is still called gender dysphoria.
  4. Gender is a continuum with male and female at the extreme ends (that is the science). Every point in the spectrum represents a natural variant of human sexuality.

Got any more stupid that you wish to display? You bet he does:

… Instead of pointing young boys and girls in the right direction when it relates to human sexuality, the Biden administration is causing more confusion.

Once again a profoundly confused individual sees confusion where none exists. Just because the gender of some people does not have Walker’s approval does not mean that the individual of that gender is confused.

Furthermore, in the above quote, Wildmon is actually claiming that transgender accommodations cause people to be transgender. He actually wrote that. Gender dysphoria is not contagious. Mr. Wildmon should expunge the word “science” from his already limited vocabulary.

Brine it and the cucumber becomes a pickle:

Gender dysphoria is real. People do struggle with their sexual identity, but the last thing America needs is more confusion. We need clear thinking. We need sanity.

Science is clear. There are only two sexes – male and female. You can’t change your biological sex; it is determined at conception. God created each of us male or female, and there are unique differences between the two.

Walker is confusing science with scripture. Sex is not as binary as Wildmon thinks and this has nothing to do with chromosomal sex. The relevant science is clear and quite simple: Gender is a separate construct from natal sex.

Walker Wildmon fails to appreciate the fact that his (extremist) belief system is based on faith. Science, in contrast, is based on evidence. Now comes what this is really all about:

Just last week, the Mississippi Legislature passed the Mississippi Fairness Act that is aimed at protecting our children and teenagers from the dangerous policies of the Biden administration. This legislation states that biological males cannot compete or share facilities with biological females.

Walker is not terribly lucid but he seems to suggest that trans girls pose a danger to cisgender girls. Can he cite an example? Of course not.

The so-called Fairness Act is based in part upon:

Men also have higher natural levels of testosterone …

While that is true, transgender girls have suppressed testosterone due to puberty blockers or hormones. Furthermore, the bill’s scientific findings are based upon:

As Duke Law Professor and All-American Track Athlete Doriane Coleman, Tennis Champion Martina Navratilova, and Olympic Track Gold Medalist Sanya Richards-Ross recently wrote …

None of those people are biologists, physicians or scientists in any form.

A recent study of female and male Olympic performances since 1983 found that, although athletes from both sexes improved over the time span, the “gender gap” between female and male performances remained stable. These suggest that women’s performances at the high level will never match those of men.

Fucking brilliant! Comparing the athletic abilities of men and women has no relevance to the comparison of cisgender girls to transgender girls. Does the water in Mississippi cause stupidity or do I have a tainted sample of people?

It hardly gets any stupider:

… Mississippi is following science. We are leading the nation in protecting our most vulnerable from the anti-science policies of Democrats.

Precisely what science is Walker Wildmon referring to? Exactly who is being protected from what?

I erred. This is stupider:

American Family Association created an excellent resource aimed at helping individuals who struggle with this issue. If you know someone who is struggling with his or her sexual identity, please encourage that person to visit inhisimage.movie and watch the documentary on this topic.

No amount of prayer; no embrace of religious dogma will have any effect on someone’s gender identity. I will tell you what is not in their idiotic video: A scientist who has published peer-reviewed research on gender identity to a respectable academic journal.

There is a reason that American Family Association is deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Their personnel keep supplying evidence in support of that designation.

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