Florida is the batshit capital of the United States

He is a former Breitbart editor, troll and now “ex-gay.” I have no idea what he is doing in regards to the man he is married to.

Here’s the headline: [He whose name I will never mention (HWNIWNM)] to open reparative therapy center for gays.

After publicly describing himself as ‘ex-gay’ and saying he is consecrating his life to St. Joseph, conservative activist HWNIWNM has again rocked the world, announcing that he plans to open a “reparative therapy” center in Florida “to help other people go through the same journey that I’m on myself.”

“This has been the easiest thing to raise money for that I’ve ever done. There is an enormous demand for this among people who believe they’ve been led astray by … the gay establishment,” HWNIWNM told the New York Post, which mislabeled the planned center as offering ‘conversion therapy’ in its original headline, before later altering it.

Because HWNIWNM is eminently qualified to provide counseling. To the best of my knowledge he is a British citizen. Thus he has no right to open a business in the United States. Let’s get the prick deported.

He is also full of crap. No gay person believes that their sexual orientation has anything to do with the influence of others including “the gay establishment” (whoever the fuck that is).

Speaking of bullshit:

Never one to mince words, HWNIWNM described the “gay lobby” as “poisonous and wicked and evil,” in part because it has undermined reparative therapy.

Undermining conversion therapy is medical science. It is futile and toxic. The schmuck also says that people are sending him direct messages asking: “Where do I send the check?”

It gets worse:

‘Born this way’ is not science. It’s public relations. It’s a lie.

“We don’t know very much for sure, we have a relatively clear idea about a lot of it, but here’s the thing: Since the eighties and nineties, we haven’t really been able to do any research that doesn’t conform to the propaganda because you cannot get funding for anything other than finding the gay gene,” he asserted. “So we’re operating in a gray area.”

I don’t know who “we” is. It certainly isn’t HWNIWNM. He is making excuses for the lack of research. Blowhard Bill Donohue, for example, has an extreme vested interest in proving that sexual orientation is a choice.

At the end of 2019, Donohue’s Catholic League was sitting on assets of $50,243,889. Heritage Foundation was sitting on $132,836,267. There are many others. There is ample money in Christendom to fund a study if a legitimate researcher could make a legitimate case.

I am going to stop at this point because it becomes increasingly nauseating.

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