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A father does violence to his trans son by misgendering him and Michael Brown applauds.

Michael Brown is defending yet another ignoramus father who cannot accept his transgender son. Suffice it to say that idiot daddy (Robert Hoogland) violated a Canadian court order by repeatedly misgendering his son. Now Hoogland is bitching about the consequences.

For Michael Brown this is all about poor daddy. A child has a serious medical condition that can be as deadly as an aggressive pediatric cancer and the only thing that both men care about is a manufactured right to mentally abuse a kid.

I’ll spare you from most of Brown’s inanity to focus on this:

A few years ago, Robert (whom I met and with whom I discussed the situation) learned that his daughter’s school had been pushing her in the direction of male identity, claiming she suffered from gender dysphoria.

They even changed her name in the school yearbook without informing the parents, encouraging her to get on hormones and to work towards sex-change surgery.

The girl’s mother sided with the daughter, but Robert opposed the decision. After all, she was a young teen and hardly capable of making such life-altering decisions.

The notion that an adolescent’s school influence him to become transgender is preposterous. The idea that the school would decide that a student has gender dysphoria is absurd. Someone is not telling the truth.

This matter did not end up in court because of actions by the child’s school. It likely ended up in court because one parent is a moron.

Michael Brown refers to the case in court so he is aware that the matter of the teen’s gender identity has been investigated⸺and resolved. Brown lacks intellectual curiosity so he has not asked any of the obvious questions. Perhaps he is afraid of the answers.

Presumably Hoogland’s son is under medical care; an issue Brown fails to explore. If he is on puberty blockers or hormones those are neither prescribed nor dispensed by his school. They are prescription medications.

Brown fails to ask Hoogland if he has met with the child’s doctors. Perhaps that is because, if the answer is yes and Hoogland disagrees with the professionals, then Hoogland’s ability to comprehend the medical issue comes into question.

Assuming that I am correct and that the child is under medical care, did Hoogland solicit a competent second opinion? Not liking a diagnosis or, in this case, not approving of a professional diagnosis does not change the diagnosis.

Dr. Michael Brown is a dogmatist who is willing to accept religious doctrine as truth. However, Brown is not stupid. He has a legitimate PhD. I am pretty sure that he pondered the consequences of asking certain questions.

I am guessing that daddy is divorced. What Robert Hoogland fails to realize is that gender transition is not a decision like “I am going to dye my hair red.” Teens and children transition because it is the only means of getting relief from a very serious medical condition. One that significantly increases the potential for self-harm.

One of the reasons that puberty blockers are so important is that they provide a no-risk means for the adolescent to explore his or her gender identity

When a parent disapproves of an offspring’s transition then he or she is, in essence, disapproving of the child’s medical condition. That makes about as much sense as disapproving appendicitis.

No parent chooses to have a transgender child. No child chooses to have a medical condition which is only mitigated through gender-affirming care. There are no volunteers in the transgender world.

Trans kids are especially vulnerable and fragile. Their mental health is dependent upon family support. With that support, they do quite well. Without that support, kids suffer with extremely elevated levels of depression and anxiety.

Misgendering a transgender child says “I do not approve of you.” The title of Brown’s little essay is: This is child abuse, this is madness, this must stop. Presumably “this” means gender affirmation.

A paradigm of child abuse is misgendering a transitioned child. Robert Hoogland has done violence to his own kid.

What training and experience does Michael Brown have which allows him to challenge the clinical pratice guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics?

Were we to treat all illnesses according to religious dogma we would be a physically sick society. Is gender dysphoria different somehow? Why? Because the intervention endorsed by every medical society conflicts with scripture?

Robert Hoogland is now a hero in the world of the Christian Right. He is the victim du jour. The real victim in this unfortunate and unnecessary saga is Hoogland’s son. None of those who lionize Hoogland seem to give a crap about the wellbeing of his child.

This reminds me of the MAGA morons. They refused to wear masks because they were wed to the stupidity that masks were some sort of liberal conspiracy and that not wearing a mask showed support for Trump. There were consequences and Trump nearly died from his own arrogance and stupidity.

Now we are faced with gender-affirmation being thought of as a liberal conspiracy regardless of the indisputable science. People are transphobic to demonstrate their disapproval of liberals. Medical science is apolitical.

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