Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips is a victim of this own irrational choices and his exploitation by Alliance Defending Freedom.

via Associated Press, January, 2020

He might very well relish all the attention he receives regardless of the financial fallout due to his misbehavior.

I have a weepy, money-grubbing email this morning from Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group. The title of the missive is Breaking: Jack on trial today. The banner reads:

Stand with Jack—harassment against people of faith must stop!

They are referring, of course, to Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cakeshop fame. Phillips seems to think that he has a religious duty to demonstrate his disapproval of LGBTQ people by refusing service in defiance of local nondiscrimination laws.

Phillips and Alliance Defending Freedom are wed to the notion that there is one set of laws for conservative Christians and another set of laws for everyone else. They also share the belief that Phillips’ discriminatory conduct is somehow logical.

Were Mr. Phillips to serve LGBTQ people, doing so would have no effect, whatsoever, on his religious beliefs, his religious practices, or his free exercise of religion. Mr. Phillips’ bakery exists to make a profit.

ADF makes the point that Phillips does serve LGBTQ people; just not for events that he disapproves of. No one solicited his approval. It’s just commerce. Cake for money. If Phillips routinely served Black people with the exception of interracial marriage then he would be a racist. There would be no debate.

In fact, I do not see how Phillips could possibly make a cake for a bar or bat mitzvah. A teen is dedicating his or her life to Judaism which means not accepting Jesus Christ as “lord and savior.”

Phillips wouldn’t dare. In some corners of society it is still socially accceptable to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Discriminating against Jews doesn’t fly anymore. At least not openly. That wasn’t always the case.

Many of today’s sexual bigots were (or are descendents of) anti-Semites a few decades ago. The arguments were the same.

Jack Phillips is simply not very intelligent

Phillips’ refusal to provide service as a public accommodation has consequences. As ADF points out:

… for over eight years now, Jack has been pulled away from his work in order to take a courageous stand for the freedom to peacefully live out his faith.

Through it all, Jack has endured the spotlight of the national media, lost a big part of his business, and had to let many employees go without replacing them. He’s received hateful phone calls, letters, and even death threats.

Oh the poor thing. Phillips shouts “we don’t serve your kind here” and he expects the public to approve of his aberant and unlawful behavior. Those calls and letters must be terribly tedious. It seems that ADF’s clients are the frequent recipients of death threats, if you believe ADF.

ADF screeches “harassment against people of faith must stop.” ADF and its clients of diminished intellect must stop marginalizing LGBTQ people. We have not made any choices regarding our sexuality.

Phillips, on the other hand, made a conscious choice to be a pitiful putz. Phillips has decided that serving certain people is offensive. His obnoxious behavior is cloaked in scripture as if that provides a justification of his choices. He and Alliance Defending Freedom have the temerity to insist that we should all go along with him.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Mike Moskowitz is probably more pious than Jack Phillips. Moskowitz has written:

Homophobia is the real abomination

There is no sin in being gay, just as there is no mitzvah in being straight, because both just are.

The point is that Phillips doesn’t have a monopoly on godliness. Most Christians disagree with Phillips.

Jack Phillips caught a break at the Supreme Court. The essence of the ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado CRC was that the state demonstrated hostility to religion in its enforcement processes. The Court did not invalidate the law which is why Phillips is back in court.

ADF is using Phillips to attract donations:

ADF is wrong. This has absolutely nothing to do with Phillips’ beliefs! This is about Phillips’ conduct. We are a highly diverse, secular society. The state has a compelling interest in stopping discrimination.

ADF are enablers. However, Jack Phillips bears sole responsibility for the consequences of his behavior. He might very well relish all the attention he receives regardless of the financial fallout due to his misbehavior.

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