Making progress.

The predecessor to SBF was Tips-Q which ran on a colocated server on which I installed Drupal. Drupal is content management software. It’s used to make many of the websites and applications you use every day. Two things have happened with Drupal over the years:

  1. It has become considerably more complex which is a good thing because it has greater potential.
  2. The documentation has gone to shit. It is inconsistent, often conflicting, sometimes incorrect and always arcane.

I have 21 years of open source experience starting with Redhat 7.x. I have never seen documentation that is this fucked up.

In any event after many hours of intense frustration driving me to the Xanax bottle (seriously), I have managed to get the latest version of Drupal (9.1.5) installed on a local machine running Fedora 33. I have already selected a host for the migrated site.

I have no timetable. In fact I am not entirely sure that I can migrate the blog. However, if I can it opens up a range of possibilities. These include IRS nonprofit summaries that are not available elsewhere. I also have full line-item data for 2019 filers in a database. Know thy oppressors!

Tips-Q had a news aggregator showing the latest LGBTQ news from mainstream and right wing sources. Perhaps I can do that again.

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