The transgender population is a guided nuclear missile destined to destroy “truth, justice and the American way.”

The quoted text, above, is from the 1950s Superman intro. I have a weird memory. And I digress.

A new email from Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ hate group, is titled: What Biden did to women and girls. To call the narrative hyperbolic does not do justice to the concept of hyperbole.

So just what awful thing has President Biden done?

Women and girls have taken quite a hit since Joe Biden became President.

Within 24 hours of his inauguration, President Biden signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to reinterpret federal laws and regulations that prohibit sex discrimination to include “gender identity.”

With this executive order, the Biden administration denied both science and common sense, and declared that the real, biological differences between men and women don’t matter.

My hair hurts! The science deniers are claiming that the science isn’t science. Furthermore, there are far more unhinged religious fanatics than there are transgender persons. The zealots pose a far greater threat to women and girls than the 0.3% (est) of the population that are transgender females.

Not to mention that whatever the president did is now the law of the land. A conservative Supreme Court settled this issue of workplace discrimination with its ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County. In fact, the Court expanded the EO from the federal government to all employers.

Furthermore, nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity has nothing to do with the “biological differences between men and women.” This intellectually dishonest meme has become an indelible part of the fierce determination to defend scripture.

In essence the religious fundamentalists are claiming that other people are claiming that there are no biological differences between the sexes. No one says that other than religious fanatics asserting that we say that. (My fingernails hurt.)

Granny beware!!!

Now, female athletes across the country could be forced to compete against biological males, robbing young women and girls of fairness, athletic opportunities, dreams of competing at the next level, and even potential scholarships. And we’re also likely to see far-reaching consequences in health care, women’s shelters, and locker rooms and restrooms nationwide.

In essence, Biden has signed away the potential futures of your daughters and granddaughters for the sake of an extreme ideological agenda.

The executive order and the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision are regarding workplace discrimination. ADF is warming up to attack the Equality Act.

Before we get to the Equality Act, some basic scientific facts:

  1. The existence of gender identity as a separate construct from natal sex is indisputable.
  2. Gender identity is not an ideology, philosophy, doctrine or dogmatic concept.
  3. Some people — not very many — experience significant distress from a condition known as gender dysphoria which is the incongruence of gender and natal sex.
  4. The only intervention known to medical science to relieve that life-threatening distress is gender affirmation which includes, for some people, presenting as their gender in contrast to their natal sex.
  5. Gender incongruence cannot be prayed away, talked away, “conversioned” away or wished away.
  6. It is patently obvious (except to religious fanatics) that no one chooses to have gender dysphoria. The only choice that acute sufferers have is to live in suicidal misery or to affirm their gender.

The idea that anyone needs to discriminate against someone because of a medical condition is repugnant. The Bible thumpers pose as patriots. Discrimination is un-American!

Alliance Defending Freedom claims, in the quoted text, that it is on the side of common sense. That would be true if science denial, discrimination and baseless bullshit were requisite components of common sense.

From there ADF goes into attacking the Equality Act which, by the way, will not affect elementary school and high school athletics. They are also claiming — with no evidence whatsoever — that trans girls pose a threat to cisgender girls.

In some ways they are replicating the white nationalist replacement theory in an attempt to scare people.

Somehow, transgender women will replace cisgender women in such numbers that the world will come to an end. Is that part of the Second Coming?

Perhaps the folks at the hate group are doing this with the realization that it is not socially acceptable to denigrate gay people. Perhaps ADF calculates that the existence of transgender people is scarier than the married gay couple down the block with a very neat lawn and three nice kids.

Whatever the motive, Alliance Defending Freedom is confirming its existence as a hate group. Perhaps ADF fears the inevitable.

In 2009 about 4% of the population admitted to being either atheists or agnostics. Over ten years that percentage rose to 9%, an increase of 125%.

That’s not the whole story. Over the same period of time the portion of the population who were religiously affiliated declined from 78% to 65%. Those who consider themselves religiously unaffiliated rose from 16% to 26%.

These are complex metrics. For example I consider myself Jewish. At the same time I am an atheist while my Jewish heritage is important to me. Most people are still Christian. An even greater percentage of Republicans are Christian. Nevertheless a majority of Republicans are now in favor of LGBTQ nondiscrimination protections and marriage equality.

How much longer will Christian nationalists drive the agenda of the Republican Party? How much longer will hate groups like ADF survive? Those are rhetorical questions.

In one sense it is relevant because fear drives extremist, irrational, bombastic reactions. On the other hand — and more importantly — we must deal with the reality of the damage that groups like ADF do in the here and now.

When these groups attack transgender people they are attacking the entire sexual minority community. Some of this makes its way to kids and their classmates. Some of those kids are vulnerable and fragile. Some live in awful places like Alabama and Mississippi.

Push back! Contact newspapers that provide an outlet for anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. I also send snail mail. Furthermore it is easy to identify the chief of staff of your elected representatives. Letters and emails to them are more effective than contacting the rep.

Just do it “for truth justice and the American way.”