Greetings from Arkansas

Tuesday, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson has signed into law House Bill 1570 which makes it a criminal offense for physicians to provide gender-affirming care. Presumably this will end up in court but much of the damage has already been done.

Hutchinson has a BA from Bob Jones University and a law degree from U. of Arkansas. He has no medical training whatsoever. The legislators who approved this measure are farmers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, plumbers and a variety of non-medical occupations.

Alan Clark and Robin Lundstrum, Arkansas
Prime sponsors: State Sen. Alan Clark and State Rep. Robin Lundstrum

As I wrote previously, State Senator Alan Clark is the assistant manager (“VP”) of his family’s hardware store. Presumably selling space heaters makes someone qualified to legislate the care of a medical condition.

State Representative Robin Lundstrum is a property manager. Is that not sufficient erudition to outlaw puberty blockers?

My opprobrium for these idiots is less important than the fact that the Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics are now illegal in Arkansas.

If the courts do not step in, kids will die because these schmucks are intent on defending ancient scripture.