Last Friday, a British high court ruled that minors can receive puberty blockers with parental consent and without judicial approval.

Last November or December the same court ruled that minors under the age of 16 were unable to provide informed consent to receive gender-affirming medications. According to the ruling, doctors were required to obtain a “best interests order” from a judge to prescribe the drugs to adolescent patients.

The Genesis 1:27 set were positively elated.

I exchanged some email with UK’s Tavistock Clinic (part of the National Health Service). They were as bewildered as I was because the ruling was ambiguous. We agreed that an adolescent cannot provide informed consent but certainly a parent could do so.

One of the “expert” witnesses for the plaintiffs was Paul Hruz. The folks at Tavistock had already been aware that Hruz was an unqualified religious crackpot.

The original case was brought by Keira Bell and supported by a former Tavistock nurse, Susan Evans. Bell claimed that taking puberty blockers at the age of 16 may have damaged her ability to have children.

The issue is now settled.