Family Research Council is displeased with Governor Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas. The governor has apparently grown a brain or listened to people who actually understand medical science. (I was under the impressions that Hutchinson had already signed the measure).

According to an email I received Monday at 3:15PM:

FRC Urges Arkansas Legislature Override Veto of SAFE Act and Protect Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. — After the Save Adolescents from Experimentation (SAFE) Act passed overwhelmingly through both chambers of the Arkansas legislature, unfortunately, Governor Asa Hutchinson appeared to yield to the sirens of the Left and issued a last-minute veto. Family Research Council urges the legislature to override the veto and provide children with critical protections from experimental gender transition procedures. If enacted, the SAFE Act would prevent gender transition procedures for minors, protect taxpayers and medical insurance providers from being mandated by government to pay for such procedures, and provide legal remedies for minors who have been permanently disfigured and/or sterilized by them.

As if Tony Perkins or anyone else at Family Research Council gives two shits about gender incongruent kids. Exactly who, at Family Research Council, is qualified to undermine the overwhelming scientific consensus?

This is not a political (left vs. right) issue. This is about medical science vs. stupidity. More importantly, this is about the rights of parents and their children to get the best medical care available.

Tony Perkins thinks that he has the right training and experience:

“The Arkansas legislature has demonstrated leadership and courage in the face of the Left’s campaign of deception combined with spineless wokeism of Corporate America. The legislature cannot stop now and deprive Arkansas’s children of this much needed protection. Under the leadership of Rep. Robin Lundstrum and Sen. Alan Clark, the Arkansas legislature courageously passed the first-of-its-kind protection for minors from experimental gender transition procedures.

Rep. Lundstrum is a property manager. Sen. Clark is the VP of his family’s hardware store. Pretending to have qualifications that one does not have is not “leadership.” There is nothing “courageous” about stupidity.

Blah, blah, blah

“The harmful gender ideology sweeping across our nation creates a growing and urgent need for legislative protections for children vulnerable to life-altering procedures such as puberty-blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries. Research has not shown that these procedures are effective in improving patient’s mental health. They have serious negative side effects, up to and including permanent sterilization–thus violating the most fundamental principle of medical ethics, ‘First, do no harm.’ While the governor called for a narrower bill, he did not seem to recognize that gender transition procedures are off-label, irreversible, and (as the name of the bill indicates) experimental. It is never appropriate to experiment on our children, no matter how politically expedient.

Did I mention that Tony Perkins is a pathological liar?

  • Gender is a scientific reality. It is not an ideology.
  • Children do need protection — from religious crackpots.
  • Research demonstrates repeatedly and convincingly that gender-affirming care is the medical best practice.
  • Off-label is irrelevant. Up to 25% of all prescriptions are off-label and these drugs have been proven safe and effective to treat other conditions.
  • Puberty blockers are not irreversible. Nor are they experimental.

Most importantly, the medical care of children involves decisions made by doctors, parents and the patient. These are not decisions to be made at the whims of a property manager, a hardware store assistant manager or a hate group leader.

The willful ignorance is pathetic. Perkins repeats himself.

“These unscientific, destructive gender transition procedures should not be allowed to interrupt the development of children and irreversibly alter their bodies. A growing number of individuals are coming forward to share their stories about being permanently maimed, highlighting the need for legal remedies. The SAFE Act addresses this critical need while also ensuring that the government never uses taxpayer dollars to pay for experiments that will damage the lives of the next generation.

In an attempt to prove his point, Perkins links to Walt Heyer’s website with its unsubstantiated stories from someone who makes a living being a transgender antagonist. Heyer is a desister who had surgery late in life and about 40 years ago. He is representative of no one.

The most idiotic argument Perkins could conceive of:

“Minors cannot drive cars, purchase cigarettes, or consume alcohol legally. Parents cannot take newborn infants home from the hospital without a car seat or allow children to ride in an automobile without a seatbelt. In Arkansas, minors cannot purchase NyQuil over the counter. Yet in the absence of this legislation they would have a green light to alter and even do irreversible harm to their bodies,” concluded Perkins.

The fact that minors cannot consume alcohol, buy cigarettes or drive is meaningless. Parents provide informed consent for gender-affirming care under medical supervision.

The simple fact is that Perkins doesn’t give a rat’s ass about gender-diverse children. His primary interest (after greed for money and power) is to defend scripture.