Larry Tomczak
via YouTube

The Easter ceasefire has ended. Reliable bigot, Larry Tomczak, wants people to know: How the Equality Act Would Celebrate Nero’s Homosexuality and Transgender ‘Marriage.’ At least the approach is somewhat novel.

Leftist extremists are trying to railroad a law Mat Staver calls “the most destructive legislation in America’s history.” However, these extremists will face our avalanche of opposition.

Join Lou Engle, Jim Garlow, Janet Porter, Rick Joyner and millions who are dispatching postcards to 100 senators, Biden and the Supreme Court with one simple click.

Tomczak offers an absurd, hyperbolic video. Apparently the Equality Act will cause the moon to crash into Earth.

The primary objective seems to be to steer people to which, I believe is via the insane Janet Porter and hosted by American Family Online. The site asks for money with no indication of who the recipient is. And:

Which is the usually homophobic/transphobic BS about trans women posing a danger to cisgender women. That is the re-tooled version of gay men pose a danger to young boys which is a re-tooled version of Black men putting white women at peril. All pretty much from the same people.

The graphic baselessly claims that the Equality Act would harm children. It dishonestly claims that the Equality Act has some effect on abortion rights.

I have flagged Tomczak’s video. The website is in Digital Ocean’s space and appears to be a ToS/AUP violation. It has been reported.

I am anxious to get off of Google’s Blogger. The new site has been paid for a year upfront. It’s done. I am just waiting for the new SSL certificate. All of the Blogger content has been imported.