Dr. Jeffrey J. Barrows
The self-righteous Dr. Jeffrey J. Barrows has problems telling the truth.

via CMDA

According to American Family Association:

The Christian Medical & Dental Associations continues to speak out against The Equality Act, a Democrat-sponsored piece of legislation that a CMDA spokesman describes as “horrific.”

What organization could possibly be more authoritative than the Christian Medical & Dental Associations? CMDA is really more of a lobbying outfit than a professional organization. In fact, its CEO, Dr. David L. Stevens, is not board certified.

Some non-medical inoculation:

“Let me first of all make clear that CMDA does not support the right of any heath care professional to refuse to take care of anyone who is, for instance, identifying as homosexual or lesbian or is transgender,” says Dr. Jeffrey Barrows, DO, MA (Ethics), senior vice president of bioethics and public policy for Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Translation: “We do not support nondiscrimination protections but please do not call us bigots.”

“… But the problem with The Equality Act [H.R.5] is Christian health care professionals would be forced to engage in what is known as ‘gender transition therapy.'”

Dr. Jeffrey Barrows is a liar. I’ve never had much luck with osteopaths (“DO”). MDs tend to go to better medical schools. But I digress.

The Equality Act would not force any doctor to provide a service that they do not provide. An OB/GYN might have to accept a trans man as a patient but no physician would be forced to provide gender-affirming care.

The general principle of nondiscrimination laws is that they apply to what is on the menu. A kosher restaurant is not required to serve a Christian a ham sandwich. A devoutly Christian doctor is not required to offer trans medical care. Neither example is “on the menu.”

As an aside, when an LGBTQ person sees plaques on the wall from either the Christian Medical and Dental Associations or the American College of Pediatricians, they would be advised to run for the exits as quickly as possible.

These are doctors who place their faith-based belief system above evidence-based medical science. That makes them unprofessional per se.

Therefore, it’s not just their views regarding LGBTQ persons that are troubling. The fact that they prioritize religion over science might render them incompetent.

For a devout Christian, Dr. Barrows has a very distant relationship with truth.

…”So, it applies to all different specialties – and it would apply even to family physicians who may be asked by someone identifying as transgender to give cross-sex hormones when we really don’t have good science based on that.”

First of all, hormone replacement therapy is the province of endocrinologists; not family physicians. Even then, transgender care is a subspecialty which not all endocrinologists are even qualified, let alone required, to provide.

Furthermore Barrows is being disingenuous about hormones. We have decades of scientific study of cross-sex hormones. The risks are well understood. A recent study concluded:

Transgender participants who were prescribed cross-sex hormones had statistically significant scores demonstrating improvement on the validated scales that measured quality of life, anxiety and depression when compared to transgender people who had enrolled in a sex-reassignment clinic but had not yet begun taking cross-sex hormones.

Investigators did say that more research was required for a definitive recommendation. However, Dr. Jeffrey J. Barrows is an OB/GYN in Ohio. He is not a board-certified doctor and certainly not an endocrinologist or someone providing transgender medical care. Nor has Dr. Barrows authored peer-reviewed research on any subject.

“This will affect not just health care professionals, it will affect all types of employment,” Barrows concludes. “It will affect pastors, churches, religious institutions – it is so far-ranging. So, I would say … no matter what type of busines [sic] you’re in, what work you do, it’s very likely that, if passed, this bill would affect you. And if you are a Christian, it will cause you to be put into a position where you are forced to do something against your conscience.”

You would think that we are forcing people to be gay, transition to an incongruent gender or marry someone of the same sex. The above is just baseless fear mongering.

Similar laws are in effect in a number of states and cities. We’ve got two or three bakers bitching plus a florist. No doctor has claimed to having been forced to do anything. No house of worship has been affected although there is some controversy over who is a minister, exempting them from nondiscrimination protects.

About a year ago, Barrows presumed to have expertise in gender dysphoria. Again he is an OB/GYN who is not even board-certified in his specialty. He was griping about YouTube.

Overall, people like Dr. Barrows are trying to convince people that they have a religious duty to discriminate and that is not so. Not only that but, in this case, a doctor will never be required to offer services that they do not provide.

Therefore this is all about demonstrating disapproval of LGBTQ persons, neatly cloaked in religious garb. That is called bigotry.