Angel Colon

Angel Colon a couple of days after the Pulse Nightclub shooting and a couple of years before becoming an “ex-gay” Christian grifter.

via Orlando Sentinel

A year after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Angel Colon was an LGBTQ advocate. Then, for an income and approval, he turned against his own community.

Hate Group Leader Mad Mat Staver no longer has a kitchen sink. He has thrown the container, along with most other things within his grasp, at the Equality Act. The latest lame effort is titled: How the Equality Act Will Threaten Pulse Survivors’ Ministries.

Meanwhile the would-be arbiter of morality is a tax cheat and a liar who claims that his Liberty Counsel is a church auxiliary. But I digress.

According to Mr. Staver:

One wonderful aspect of the growing Christian renewal we are seeing in America is that God is moving powerfully to redeem people involved in LGBTQ behaviors. Angel Colon grew up in the church but abandoned his faith and became involved in same-sex relationships. His drinking led to drugs and eventually extreme drug use.

Bullshit! The man is gay. The man is still gay. Sexual orientation is entirely unrelated to religious piety. Moreover, LGBTQ people do not need to be “redeemed.” Bigots need redemption. Not the victims of bigotry.

Colon’s story keeps changing:

In June 2016, he was drunk and high during the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando when a man opened fire, killing 49 people and wounding another 50. When the horrific event was over, doctors found that Colon had been shot six times. Yet, it was in this dark moment of evil that God miraculously protected, redeemed and restored Colon’s life!

The real hero was Officer Omar Delgado, a member of the Eatonville, Florida Police Department. Colon, who was shot multiple times, told ABC News in an interview in 2016 that he would have “bled to death” if not for Delgado, who rescued him roughly 25 minutes after gunfire erupted.

Staver would probably say that Officer Delgado was an agent of his deity. Then why did that same god allow Delgado to suffer from extreme PTSD? Why did that same god allow Delgado to be dismissed from the police force because of his medical condition?

Did Staver’s god punish Officer Delgado for saving another human being? Take away selective observation and hypocrisy and there is not much left of literalist religious devotion.

“Drunk and high” is the edited version of the event and it is irrelevant. Staver is suggesting that substance abuse is part of being LGBTQ. The man does not meet any reasonable standard of civility, honesty or decency.

People like Mat Staver bear some responsibility for the Pulse Nightclub shooting. People who promote bigotry in the name of their god are probably not what Moses or Jesus had in mind.

Furthermore, Colon’s decision to claim to be ex-gay was not spontaneous as Staver implies. Six months after the shooting he was on the cover of The Advocate. At that time he was portrayed as an LGBTQ advocate.

A year after the shooting, Colon was portrayed as an LGBTQ activist:

“It’s always been about love,” Colon says. “But after this, it’s made the bonds stronger. It’s made the love stronger. The community is much stronger than it was before, and you can see it in all the cities. You can see it in Orlando with the Pride flags everywhere. They’re in places you wouldn’t think they’d be.”

Yet, according to Staver according to Colon, the story has changed:

“I was petrified knowing I was next. I heard the shooter behind me, gauging his next move. That’s when I asked the Lord for forgiveness, to forgive me for failing Him, for turning my back on Him. I wanted to be at peace with God, but at that moment, my prayer changed to prophecy.”

Colon continued, “I prophetically claimed my life for the Lord. I told Him I would not leave that building dead, that I had a purpose, and He would fulfill all the promises He made over my life. I knew in that moment that I was chosen, and God had something big for me.

Now Mr. Colon wants the approval of his parents (his father is a minister). Mr. Colon also needed an occupation (he was an unsuccessful dancer). Being a Christian snake oil salesman fulfills both desires. Nevermind the inherent dishonesty.

Colon did not even have the class to mention the police officer who saved his life. That officer sacrificed his career for Colon. Staver writes:

Colon said, “I promised Him I would worship Him for the rest of my days. The very moment I said, ‘amen,’ I felt the bullet. Heat swelled through my abdomen, and I was certain I was dead. But when I opened my eyes, I knew the Lord spared me.”

Staver and Colon are both pathological liars. Mendacity comes so naturally to Staver that he has no appreciation of when he is telling the truth and when he is lying:

Now, he travels widely sharing the story of Jesus’ healing power and invites others who are trapped in the LGBTQ lifestyle to experience freedom in Christ.

But if the so-called Equality Act passes the Senate, Colon will be censored for sharing his own personal testimony and even the pastoral counseling he received will be threatened.

The Equality Act would have no effect, whatsoever, on anything that Colon does or would do. As I said, Mat Staver is a liar.

Jesus saves. Moses invests and so on. Being LGBTQ is not a lifestyle. Being an ignorant religious bigot is a lifestyle. Neither sexual orientation nor gender identity respond to prayer.

I am a survivor of gun violence. I fully appreciate the devastation caused by PTSD. Some days I am repelled by my own behavior over the past 24 hours. Today happens to be one of those days.

Nevertheless, what seems to have happened with Colon is that his dancing career was over. He needed a new way to pay the bills. Now he preys on his own community.

Mr. Staver has no say and little influence over the passage of the Equality Act in the Senate. Staver is not a threat in that regard. Staver is infuriating because of his dishonesty and because he is obsessed with LGBTQ people to the point of distraction.

Staver repeats his bullshit with no shame whatsoever:

That bears repeating: The kind of lifesaving counsel Angel Colon received will be banned if the intentionally misnamed Equality Act becomes law.

Really? What part of the Equality Act would do so? Mr. Staver insults our intelligence. Apparently Staver believes that everyone else is stupid.

If Colon wouldn’t have received medical care within five minutes, he would have died. But instead, he is passionately living his life for the Lord and reaching out with a message of redemption and hope for those considering, or already in, an LGBTQ lifestyle!

“Considering?” Staver continues to insist — contrary to decades of scientific consensus — that sexual orientation and gender identity are choices. “Five minutes?” It took 25 minutes (according to Colon’s own statement) just to pull Colon out of the line of fire.

As for Mr. Colon, if he wants to claim that he is no longer gay then mazel tov. Who cares? It’s a lie and most people know that it is a lie. Colon claims that he loves the LGBTQ community and the he doesn’t hate anyone.

Colon, along with Luis Javier Ruiz are active participants in the pray your gay away circuit. They have participated in those preposterous Freedom March events. Shame on both of them for their deceit and for turning against their own community.

Both men know that they are still gay. Whether they want attention, approval or an income is unimportant. They got religion when it was convenient to do so.