Knut M. Wittkowski
Knut M. Wittkowski, PhD is a biostatistician sometimes posing as an epidemiologist and expert on COVID-19 contagion.

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“Those who provide crackpots with a microphone are usually crackpots themselves.”

According to LifeSiteNews: Epidemiologist: We could have reached natural herd immunity in 6 weeks.

LifeSiteNews turned into the Catholic version of WND a few years ago. It spreads numerous conspiracy theories. Among the many theories are numerous claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump, the coronavirus was developed as a bio-weapon and that COVID-19 vaccinations are potentially deadly.

They were also quite insistent on promoting hydroxychloroquine as the cure for COVID-19 based upon the word of that crazy Jamaican doctor who also said that diseases are caused by alien DNA (meaning extraterrestrial).

LSN keep publishing conspiracy theories developed by a guy named Steven Mosher. Mosher is one of the coronavirus as bio-weapon enthusiasts. Mosher has written counless posts without ever being right. Not once that I can recall. I prefer crackpottery medium rare with objective evidence on the side.

This time around they write:

In an interview with … epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D., says shielding the most vulnerable from a virus, while letting the infection run its course through healthy populations, is the fastest way to achieve herd immunity.

Knut Wittkowski is not an epidemiologist. Confirmation bias causes people to avoid fact-checking in order to prevent the possibility of learning that what they want to be true is not true.

Wittkowski has been making this noise for more than a year. He dishonestly did so, supposedly as a professor at the prestigious Rockefeller University. Rockefeller University responded in April, 2020:

The Rockefeller University releases statement concerning Knut Wittkowski

The opinions that have been expressed by Knut Wittkowski, discouraging social distancing in order to hasten the development of herd immunity to the novel coronavirus, do not represent the views of The Rockefeller University, its leadership, or its faculty.

Wittkowski was previously employed by Rockefeller as a biostatistician. He has never held the title of professor at Rockefeller.

Dr. Wittkowski is a highly trained biostatistician. That does not make him an epidemiologist. Wittkowski’s PhD is from University of Stuttgart. His 1985 dissertation was titled: An expert system for data management and method selection in statistics.

LifeSite has included excerpts from another interview including this eureka:

Is COVID just a bad flu?


“The virus hasn’t behaved differently from any other respiratory disease virus. If we had not had the capability to sequence the virus in January, and have identified — ooops! — it’s not influenza, it’s corona, we wouldn’t even have noticed. It would have been just another flu.

“So people got very confused and fearful about it. Especially after having seen…a lot of older people dying in nursing homes.”

We do not know what motivates the folks at LifeSiteNews but I can make a few educated guesses:

The hydroxychloroquine promotion was an effort to bolster Donald Trump and to ding Dr. Fauci. They were fierce loyalists to Trump who pretended to be anti-choice. Trump locked in millions of votes when he said that women who have abortions should be punished.

Two issues are behind the COVID-19 conspiracies. The first of these is that the COVID vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue. In point of fact that is false. Vaccine developers did confirmation tests using cell lines which descend from abortions that took place 40 to 50 years ago.

The second issue is that the folks at LifeSiteNews are virulently opposed to anything that prevents Catholics from going to church. Canada, where LifeSite is based, has laws prohibiting large gatherings. (While based in Canada they do have a U.S. based nonprofit so that contributions can be tax deductible for Americans.)

Those who provide crackpots with a microphone are usually crackpots themselves.