Should people do violence to trans kids because some Vatican eunuchs or Baptist preachers disapprove of them?

At Heritage Foundation’s blog one Amy Haywood writes: What Will You Do When Teachers and Trans Activists Try to Force Your Children to Violate Their Conscience? These people out themselves as imbeciles just with the headline of their polemics.

Heritage Foundation informs us: “Amy Haywood is a former senior legislative assistant for a U.S. representative, a writer and educator.” This is Haywood’s first offering at Heritage. Perhaps Heritage requires adding transphobic bigots to fill the void left by the departure of Ryan T. Anderson.

The text of this mess does not make Ms. Haywood look any more intelligent. Haywood defines, as incontrovertible truth, Christian dogma regardless of evidence to the contrary. The would-be arbiter of morality has little difficulty lying:

Now is the time for parents to remind their children of what is real, and what is deception. With the passage of the Equality Act in the U.S. House of Representatives and the confirmation of Dr. Rachel Levine—who endorses hormonal and surgical interventions on children to treat gender dysphoria—to a senior position at the Department of Health and Human Services, children today are growing up in an atmosphere where what’s false is called true and what’s true is called false.

She means religious truth. One more time: Belief systems are based on faith while science is based on evidence. Haywood probably thinks that she is intelligent. Supplanting evidence with faith is spectacularly stupid. Dogmatic “truth” is not objective truth.

As for Dr. Levine, she is a board-certified pediatrician. Presumably Dr. Levine supports the Clinical Practice Guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The AAP recommends puberty blockers for adolescents who are in acute distress. They are administered shortly after the kid enters puberty and they are fully reversible. In later teen years these young people may be provided with cross-sex hormones.

I truly hate to ruin a moronic talking point. Nevertheless:

Minors are not candidates for surgical interventions.

Therefore, to say that Dr. Levine “endorses … surgical interventions on children to treat gender dysphoria” is dishonest. A lie. But let’s get back to what is true and what is false.

Haywood does not approve of Dr. Levine and transgender people in general. I am not entirely sure what she thinks is a lie and who is lying. However, she sees peril everywhere:

One of the most egregious arenas where children’s civil liberties are being violated is in our nation’s public schools. Many schools in California are already implementing policies to enforce speech codes, which are in line with guidance from the nation’s largest teachers union, the National Education Association.

The guidance that Haywood finds so awful is about keeping trans kids safe. That would not be necessary absent toxic bigots who are determined to impose their superstitions and/or ignorance on others.

It is just so terrible to teach children to be kind. Addressing children by their gender is kind and polite. No one fucking dies from being polite. It has no effect on beliefs.

We would like to think that Jewish kids are not subjected to their classmates taunting them with “you are going to hell for not accepting Jesus Christ.” That is also part of Haywood’s dogmatic truth but polite society will no longer accept that nonsense.

The disrespect by Amy Haywood extends beyond the transgender kids that she disapproves of. She is disrespectful of their parents.

  1. Does Haywood think that trans kids whimsically volunteer to be objects of ridicule?
  2. Does Haywood actually think that parents have not exhausted every medical option available to them?
  3. Does Haywood think that medical science should be conformed to scripture?
  4. Does Haywood think that another option is available for children in severe distress?

Yet another lie:

Schools are also urging students to keep social transitions to another gender secret from parents and are directed by policies pushed by activists and the National Education Association to hide changed names and pronouns on official school documents that an unsupportive parent might see.

The above is dishonest. Does one’s conscience, that Haywood is so concerned over, include a desire to be truthful? Schools do not urge children to keep their transition secret. Schools will maintain a student’s privacy within the bounds of the law. Those are two entirely different things.

Amy Haywood should read her own link in the above quote. Nowhere does it ask schools to urge children to keep their gender-affirmation secret. Included among six bullet points are these which refer to information included in the guide that the organization has produced:

  • Information about basic concepts of gender. It is critical that those supporting a transgender or other Gender-expansive child understand the complexity of gender.
  • The importance of Gender identity and the harm society suffers when any students are marginalized at school.
  • Specific issues affecting transgender youth, including the use of chosen names and pronouns, student confidentiality and student records, restroom and locker room access, sports and other sex-separated activities and harassment or bullying.

Obviously the last of those bullet points does not urge “students to keep social transitions to another gender secret from parents.” Does it?

Apparently a Facebook group of religious zealots is authoritative:

A question posed to parents in the 50,000-member strong Facebook group, Informed Parents of California, revealed that teachers are already directing students in middle schools and high schools to introduce themselves along with their preferred pronouns.

This exercise is an effort to force children to comply with the ideology that says gender is not binary—rather it is on a spectrum and is determined by feelings instead of biology.

According to the overwhelming consensus of science, gender is not binary. Who the hell is this awful woman to say otherwise?

The idea is for students to tell their classmates how they prefer to be addressed. It’s not some sinister conspiracy. About the worst outcome is teaching kids to be kind to one another. The objective truths are these:

  1. A small minority of children suffer from incongruent gender (gender dysphoria).
  2. An even smaller minority of children mitigate their distress due to the condition through gender-affirmation (transitioning).
  3. Only the severest cases transition.
  4. Persistence of the condition is a function of its severity.
  5. There does not exist an alternative intervention known to medical science to treat acute gender dysphoria.
  6. Forced not to transition, children are at significant risk for self harm.
  7. Kids who do transition and who are supported in their gender have levels of anxiety and depression that are at, or near, normal for children their age.

So whether Haywood likes it or not, there are some — not many — trans kids in public schools. They are especially vulnerable and fragile. Shall they be subjected to violence because some Vatican eunuchs or Baptist preachers disapprove? (Yes, we do violence to children when they are mistreated.)

Apparently kindness is “totalitarian.”

Some parents … said they have dealt with this totalitarian requirement by contacting school administrations and moving their children to other classrooms. Others have opted out of public education entirely …

Their problem; their fetishes stem from utter ignorance. Scripture says many things which we know to be untrue and we act accordingly. Earth is not the center of the universe and there is no hard “firmament” above our atmosphere. Why, then must Genesis 1:27 be taken literally?

The inability of some parents to reconcile scripture with scientific realities should not cause kids to be treated with cruelty. Those parents have a greater dysfunction than trans kids. The parents are making choices. The kids have no other option.

After some nonsensical drivel:

Talk with your children about the facts surrounding the gender identity debate. If you receive some pushback, maybe you will take your concerns to court and work your way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, but in the meantime, give your children the tools they need so they can know the difference between truthtellers [sic] and gas lighters.

There is no “debate.” Gender identity and gender incongruence represent settled science. What Haywood is saying is “teach your children to be cruel ignoramuses.” Moreover, despite Haywood’s abundance of bullshit, she believes that she is a “truth teller.”

Truth telling acknowledges the science and reconciles it with faith. Someone I know keeps kosher. He knows that Jewish dietary law is based on food safety from thousands of years ago. He keeps kosher as a means of demonstrating devotion to God.

What he doesn’t do is criticize me, or anyone else, for not keeping kosher. He is a VP of a hedge fund. He does not go around the lunchroom looking for people eating ham and cheese sandwiches so that he can tell them that they are eternally damned.

Amy Haywood does just the opposite. She believes that she has a duty to impose her faith on everyone else regardless of the harm she does. If Haywood has a gender-diverse child then she can make some decisions about his or her healthcare. She has no right to make those decisions for other parents. Nor does she have the right to do violence to the children of other parents.

When I was a child some of the same people called me a “Christ killer.” They moved on. Some of the same people say that I am “objectively disordered” because I am gay. Many of those have moved on.

Some of those very same people have transformed and re-tooled their homophobia into transphobia. It would seem that these folks have a desire to prey upon vulnerable people. When they become less vulnerable the bigots move along.

Perhaps they intuitively fear that transgender people will become less vulnerable which would negate their religion-excused hate of “the other.”

My task. Indeed the task of the entire LGBTQ community is to make transgender people less vulnerable. They have enough stressers without adding religious crackpots to their environment.

On another matter, I will be changing the DNS of this site to the new site this weekend. Finally.