Joseph Shaw

Amid stiff competition, England’s Joseph Shaw emerges as today’s most cracked crackpot. Shaw writes: There are different routes to erase biological sex as a concept: “Women’s sports must be opened up to biological males, and male-dominated professions such as the military and the fire service must be opened up to women.”

“Biological males” is the bigoted term for transgender women. I really hate to be the one to inform Mr. Shaw but the issue of gender-affirmed sports participation was settled at the collegiate level by the NCAA over ten years ago. The same policy applies to the IOC.

Furthermore, women serve in considerable numbers in the military — even in combat — and there are quite a few female firefighters. I haven’t heard complaints that women cannot do their jobs in either profession.

Here is where the Selective Service comes into play:

A case is working its way up the hierarchy of courts in the U.S. to remove the exemption to the “selective service” draft currently enjoyed by women. The campaign for the autonomy and dignity of women has come a long way over the last couple of centuries. Not content with the laudable goal of allowing women to be admitted to universities and various professions, progressives now want them to be obliged to be blown to pieces in wars — if they are not captured and sexually abused.

As the New York Times ably explains:

Since 2016, women have been allowed to serve in every role in the military, including ground combat. Unlike men, though, they are not required to register with the Selective Service System, the government agency that maintains a database of Americans who would be eligible for the draft were it reinstated.

The draft law expired in 1973; nearly 50 years ago. Nevertheless a case is before the Supreme Court. Furthermore, this has absolutely nothing to do with progressives. This is about women’s equality. And, yes, in an emergency it could subject women to all of the dangers of war. And that’s the point.

Many women feel that if they demand equality with men then they should be subjected to the same laws and risks as a man. Excluding women from the draft says that women are not equal.

It gets remarkably more stupid:

Exposing women to sexual violence, indeed, is something of a theme among progressives today. The Los Angeles Times reports that California’s prison system is considering allowing biologically male criminals who identify as women to do their time in women’s prisons.

There’s that “biological male” crap again. Why can this very strange person not refer to “transgender women?” Furthermore, he is making the assumption that a transgender woman poses a threat to cisgender women. The fact is that some prisons are very violent places. Men doing violence to other men. Women doing violence to other women. I doubt that transgender women exacerbate that violence.

After repeating himself:

Arguing against this is becoming harder with the progress of the “trans” debate. After fifteen months of “living” as a woman, “Eefje” Spreuters, a Belgian man, is seeking to join a convent. In law, the exclusivity of convents to biological females may well be protected in Belgium, as it is in many places, but in a test case, a judge in an employment tribunal in the U.K. declared that the view that an individual “assigned” to the male sex at birth should not be regarded as a woman after making a legal “transition” was “not worthy of respect in a democratic society.” …

Excuse me? The fact that one transgender woman wants to join a convent is irrelevant to anything meaningful. Given the Catholic Church’s view on transgender people that is not likely to become a trend.

As for that judge, he or she is merely conforming to the view of medical science that a transgender woman is, for all intents a purposes, a woman. Moreover, on this side of the lake, a very conservative Supreme Court made a similar ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County.

I hate to break it to Mr. Shaw but jurists are not interested in superstitions. The simple fact is that, in the Western world, we enjoy a very diverse society. We benefit from diversity in many ways. Transgender people are part of that diversity. Trans persons exist regardless of religious dogma to the contrary.

Oy veh:

… we can only conclude that laws allowing the Catholic Church to discriminate against “trans men” when assessing candidates for the priesthood, for example, are anomalous and perhaps incompatible with human rights, and a belief-system which demands such exemptions has no place in a civilized country.

At that point it will be too late to make a rational case against women being drafted into the military, or being ordained in the Catholic Church, because the category of women, in the sense of biological female, will no longer exist. …

In the United States the selection of religious leaders (which includes priests) does not have to conform to nondiscrimination laws. The “ministerial exception” applies. I have no clue about law in the UK.

This is all quite moronic, … and tedious because transgender women only comprise about 0.25% to 0.3% of the population. What is all this noise about?

Back to fighting fires:

The fire engines in my town here in England are currently emblazoned with an image of fire-fighters against a rainbow background. One of these is a young woman. I don’t doubt her sincerity, zeal, or skill, but at a glance she appears to be approximately half my weight, and I seriously doubt her ability to carry someone of my build to safety should he be overcome with fumes in a fire.

I am quite certain that there are physical requirements for firefighters regardless of sex. About eight years ago I saw a tiny Miami Beach policewoman in South Beach take down an enormous man who was obnoxiously drunk on Ocean Drive. Is Joseph Shaw somehow threatened by women? It seems that he is uncomfortable with the notion that women are not subservient to men.

Societies that require women to be subservient to men tend to be pretty backward in many ways. The Taliban is just one example. In Saudi Arabia women are prohibited from doing many things including driving. Is that what Shaw wants? How far does he want to go?

Returning to trans women, Joseph Shaw seems to feel that he is somehow victimized:

… [there] are simply different routes to the ultimate objective of erasing biological sex as a concept. Women’s sports must be opened up to biological males, and male-dominated professions such as the military and the fire service must be opened up to women: if the opposite policies are needed to achieve these goals, so be it.

These folks always claim that some sinister agenda is playing out. I have to wonder when Joseph Shaw last got laid.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.