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Perfunctory dishonesty in a futile effort to look less bigoted.
Anderson is a pathological liar and always has been regarding LGBTQ people


The prospect of the Equality Act becoming law is very disturbing to Ryan T. Anderson. Anderson has a wide and incurious constituency among the pious. That makes him very noisy despite the fact that he has the intellectual horsepower of a Mongolian gerbil. Religious extremism doesn’t require much in the way of intellect. And, yeah, I have said the same thing about the occasional orthodox Jew who expresses anti-LGBTQ stupidity.

According to The Catholic Spirit:

Ryan T. Anderson warned that if the Equality Act is passed by the Senate and signed into law, it would significantly impact women’s privacy and safety, genuine equality, medical practices and religious liberty.

The closeted queen is running out of substandard rhetoric. He used much of it up battling marriage equality for no logical reason other than edicts from Vatican eunuchs.

By the way: Has any of the bullshit that Anderson and Robert P. George spread over marriage come to pass? Has either man apologized or even admitted he was wrong? What? Give it more time to move Earth out of its orbit around the sun? But I digress. Actually, no I do not. Anderson always does the same thing.

Anderson assumes that everything is a zero-sum proposition. Based upon Anderson’s behavior, any measure of equality for LGBTQ persons is a loss for the Church. Anderson goes into doomsday mode a la Harold Camping. He is always wrong but that does not influence his behavior and people continue to believe what he says due to religious confirmation bias.

The Catholic Spirit continues:

It also would negatively affect Catholic schools, shelters, charities and hospitals, not to mention individual educators, social workers and medical professionals who practice their faith, Anderson said.

Aside from the dishonesty, no one has a legitimate religious duty to discriminate. Prejudice and discrimination are not a necessity for anyone.

Here’s where Anderson and a complicit reporter, Tony Gutiérrez, try to look like they actually believe the phony and self-serving Church rhetoric that LGBTQ people are deserving of dignity:

Anderson … said the bill also would force access to women’s only locker rooms, restrooms and shelters to anybody who identifies as a woman, regardless of biological difference.

He quickly noted that while people experiencing gender dysphoria aren’t predisposed to violence, because anyone can claim to be a woman, “there will be abuses of that law.” It also would create disadvantages for female athletes by forcing them to compete against men identifying as women.

There are two parts to that nonsense:

  1. That men will pretend to be transgender women in order to sexually assault women. Has that ever happened? American Family Association has been spouting the same BS for years for the same reasons: “Oh, I’m not prejudiced against transgender people. I just want to protect women from predators.” Sure.
  2. That there is a rampant problem of transgender girls competing against cisgender girls with an unfair advantage. Where? Connecticut (the only state with a controversy due to the lawyering of a hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom)? Where is the proof of an unfair advantage? Much like the first argument, some of the religious zealots have even claimed that boys will dishonestly claim to be transgender. Where and when has that happened?

More bullshit:

The act also would require medical professionals to provide sex-change therapies and procedures that would violate not only their conscience and religious beliefs, Anderson said, but also their best medical judgment.

No it would not. Anderson, who presumes to be the arbiter of faith-based morality, is a pathological liar. This is akin to Anderson’s claim that children raised by gay couples would be severely traumatized if their parents could marry. He also claimed that same-sex marriage would adversely affect traditional marriage.

Even the language is dishonest: “Sex change therapies?” Medical professionals who actually do treat transgender adolescents provide gender-affirming care.

More dishonesty:

Anderson cited a 2011 Swedish study that found individuals who had undergone sex reassignment surgeries were 19 times more likely to commit or attempt to commit suicide, although the study’s authors’ proposed solution was to offer more psychological care in addition to hormone therapy and surgery.

What does any of that have to do with the Equality Act? Anderson is spectacularly transphobic so he exploits any opportunity to express his bigotry. Furthermore, Anderson knows perfectly well that the study in question included subjects who who had gender-affirming surgery between 1973 and 2003. We cannot begin to imagine what it was like to be transgender in the early 1970s.

Surgery does not drive transgender people to harm themselves. That is attributable to minority stress. And just who are the viruses that spread minority stress?

Furthermore, the intended inference is that “psychological care” is intended to change individuals’ gender identity. The conclusion of the study (note the word “after.”):

Our findings suggest that sex reassignment, although alleviating gender dysphoria, may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism, and should inspire improved psychiatric and somatic care after sex reassignment for this patient group.

(Ten years ago clinicians referred to sex reassignment. No one does so any more because it is considered pejorative. The preferred term is “gender confirmation surgery.”)

Anderson continues in transphobic mode. None of the following has anything to do with the Equality Act.

Anderson lies again:

He said children are being encouraged to go through gender transition, citing a Children’s Hospital Los Angeles study of doctors who perform double mastectomies on 13-year-old girls. Treatments for such transitions include puberty blocking drugs and hormonal therapies and, eventually, surgery.

No one is encouraging children to transition. Children transition to get relief from their symptoms. That study Anderson refers to does not cite “doctors who perform double mastectomies on 13-year-old girls.” The study did not, ultimately, have 13-year-old subjects.

The study (funded in part by the NIH) had parameters that included trans boys as young as 13. That was because it is possible that a 13-year-old could have surgery due to complications from chest binding. Obviously, were that to occur, consent would be rigorous: Patient, parents, surgeon and hospital at a minimum.

Out of thin air:

“What’s happening is that they’re using a nonexistent hypothetical to then pass a law that actually says those hospitals have to do sex reassignment procedures,” he continued. “They’re pulling on the heartstrings of American people, and then they’re saying all sorts of reasonable and true beliefs will now be treated as unjust discrimination.”

Let me cut to the chase on the above. The only hospitals required to provide gender-affirming care are hospitals that offer gender-affirming care. As a general proposition nondiscrimination laws only apply to what is on the menu. I don’t know who “they” are but there is no sinister conspiracy to adversely affect Catholic hospitals.

Anderson went on at length about how he was victimized by Amazon.com.

The truth is that gender diverse children — none of whom volunteered to be transgender or gender nonconforming — are victims of Ryan T. Anderson’s bigotry. They are also victims of adults who accept Anderson as authoritative despite the fact that Anderson has no applicable experience and training.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.