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Caroline Farrow | via The Guardian

Caroline Farrow is a woman living in London who is married to a Catholic priest (he is a convert from Anglicanism). Farrow has an unfocused work history. These days she writes for various Catholic outlets as an independent journalist.

Apparently Farrow thought it would be a good idea, a few years ago, to direct a transphobic tweet to Susie Green, the mother of a transgender girl. I write “apparently” because the tweet is no longer available for viewing. According to Catholic media Farrow accused Ms. Green of “child abuse, mutilation and castration.” She also referred to Green’s daughter in male terms.

I disagree with UK law regarding hate speech. However Farrow was in violation. Green subsequently dropped the complaint to avoid giving Farrow a platform to spread her odious stupidity.

Catholic teachings regarding transgender persons are idiotic and at odds with medical science. Repeating such drivel is even more idiotic, not to mention unlawful on the other side of the lake.

Fast forward to the present day and Caroline Farrow is complaining that she has been victimized by the LGBTQ community. Farrow essentially solicited opprobrium due to her abject stupidity and now she is complaining about her critics.

Wednesday’s headline reads: Christian activist: LGBT radicals launched ‘terror campaign’ against me and my family
“Caroline Farrow’s family had to endure death threats and harassment because she stood up for Biblical truth.”

What part of falsely accusing a mother of child abuse is standing up for biblical truth? Susie Green has an already marginalized and vulnerable child, principally due to religious fanatics. Moreover, here is a simple truth: Biblical truth is not objective truth.

LifeSiteNews, masters of understatement that they are, has a video up on Rumble:

Caroline Farrow Bitching about being held accountable for her bigotry
Caroline Farrow bitching about being held accountable for her gratuitous bigotry

Admittedly I am being speculative but, from personal experience, three things come to mind:

  1. Every LGBTQ person who stands for equality while rejecting bigotry is characterized as a “radical.”
  2. The people who call LGBTQ persons “radical” are usually religious extremists. So who is the “radical?”
  3. Criticism from those same LGBTQ persons is often mischaracterized as “death threats.”

Suffice it to say that Susie Green’s daughter did not choose to have gender dysphoria. Nor did she volunteer to be transgender (just for the hell of it). The religious whack jobs never comprehend that every child and adolescent who transitions knows that they will become objects of extreme ridicule. Nevertheless they transition (despite all of the consequences of doing so) to obtain relief from gender incongruence.

At the same time it is worth noting that no parent chooses to have a transgender child. Ms. Green faced the choice of having a miserable, possibly suicidal son or a happy daughter which is no choice at all.

On the other hand all of Caroline Farrow’s behavior is the result of conscious choices. No one forced her to become a fundamentalist Catholic, no one forced her to marry a priest and no one forced Farrow to publicly ridicule someone she disapproves of. After all. Ms. Green’s daughter posed no peril for Ms. Farrow.

I do not know how people in the UK determine what is appropriate medical care. In the United States, the American Academy of Pediatrics (50,000 members strong) has published Clinical Practice Guidelines which are based upon the “gender-affirming care model.” Apparently Ms. Farrow thinks that a mother should not follow the best medical advice available because of Catholic teaching based on ancient scripture.

On what planet does that make any sense at all?

According to the text and, presumably, the video:

Farrow tells Van Maren that the attacks against her were not really reported in the media. “There hasn’t really been … interest … because it is seen as not fitting the narrative.” I’m “not the right kind of victim.”

I am certain that she faced a great deal of ridicule (the death threats seem dubious). I am equally certain that her life was disrupted. Nevertheless, if she is a victim it is because of her own stupidity.

Consider, for a moment, the other side of the equation. Trans kids do very well if they have family support and proper medical care. The greatest threat to their overall quality of life is minority stress syndrome. People like Caroline Farrow are purveyors of minority stress. In that sense, Farrow and her ilk do violence to kids.

Farrow rejects the characterization that she is “homophobic” and full of disdain. She says that her mission is to share the beliefs of the Church and that “having a belief about something doesn’t equate to hatred.”

Beliefs and behavior are two different things. I don’t care if she worships a platypus. Effort to impose those beliefs on others is conduct. If that conduct marginalizes any minority group then it is hateful.

Caroline Farrow’s attempt to claim that she is being attacked because of her religious beliefs is just one more example of her failure to take responsibility for her bad behavior. Ms. Farrow invites more criticism — including mine.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.